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Location Track Address Postcode
Dates Surface References
Aberdare Athletics Ground Ynys Fields CF44 7RP Outdoor 1893-1920 Grass [115][345][370]
Aberdeen Bon Accord Recreation Hall Market Street AB11 5PY Indoor 1885-1888 Wood
Linksfield Stadium Linksfield Road AB24 5RU Outdoor 1949 Cinder [192][372][373]
Recreation Grounds Inches AB10 1WE Outdoor 1880-1887 Grass [215][374]
Victoria Bridge Grounds - Torry Sinclair Road AB11 9BG Outdoor 1885-1897 Cinder
Abergavenny Bailey Park Park Avenue NP7 5PW Outdoor 1897 Grass [216]
Abertillery Park and Recreation Grounds Old Blaine Road NP13 1TP Outdoor 1904-1905 Cinder [1] [40] [105]
NP13 1TP Outdoor 1905-1990 Asphalt [486]
Accrington Enfield Cricket Club Dill Hall Lane BB5 4DQ Outdoor 1883-1888 Grass [80][199]
Alexandria Millburn Park Leven Street G83 0SR Outdoor 1880-1910 Cinder
Vale of Leven Public Park North Street G83 0EA Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Ambleside Sports Rydal Park Rydal Road LA22 9PL Outdoor 2003-Present Grass
Ashbourne Shaw Croft Park Road DE6 1GD Outdoor 1886-1965 Grass [201]
Ashwell Small Gains Lane Station Road SG7 5LT Outdoor Present Grass [106]
Askern Miners Welfare Doncaster Road DN6 0AJ Outdoor 1954 Cinder [105]
Ayr Somerset Park Somerset Road KA8 9NB Outdoor 1897-1924 Asphalt [99][278]
Springvale Park Springvale Road KA7 2SJ Outdoor 1882-1887 Grass [76][154]
Bacup Stacksteads Football Ground Fearns Moss OL13 0TG Outdoor 1869-1886 Grass [201]
Bakewell Rutland Recreation Ground Haddon Road DE45 1AW Outdoor 1884-1909 Grass
Ballymena NI Ballymena Cricket Club. Eaton Park Broughshane Road BT42 4HU Outdoor 1884 Grass [217]
Recreation Grounds Ballymena Showgrounds BT43 7DP Outdoor 1896 Concrete [160]
Banbury Brittania Recreation Field Tramway Road OX16 5TU Outdoor 1869-1921 Grass
Barnard Castle Cricket field Vere Road DL12 8AE Outdoor 1888 Grass [309]
Barnsley Dearne Stadium Old Mill Lane S71 1LN Outdoor 1934-1935 Cinder
George and Dragon West Street S63 6PU Outdoor 1869-1885 Grass
Millhouses - Darfield Doncaster Road S73 9JA Outdoor 1891-1894 Cinder [111][382]
Wath Athletic Ground Moor Road S63 7RS Outdoor 1900-1931 Cinder
Barrow Cavendish Park Buccleugh Dock Road LA14 2SB Outdoor 1881-1908 Concrete [383][384]
Parade Ground Abbey Road LA14 1XH Outdoor 1886-1890 Grass [159][201]
Basingstoke May’s Bounty Bounty Road RG21 3DH Outdoor 1885-1901 Cinder [202]
Bath Recreation Ground Pultney Street BA2 4DS Outdoor 1888-1907 Grass [1]
Batley Mount Pleasant Heritage Road WF17 7NZ Outdoor 1883-1934 Grass [53] [76]
Beckenham Beckenham Cricket Club Foxgrove Road BR3 5AS Outdoor 1877 Grass [207]
Bedford Cardington Cross Address unknown MK44 3SS Outdoor 1880-1896 Grass [2][124]
Clarence Grounds St. John's Street MK42 0FW Outdoor 1882 Grass [131][150]
Kimbolton Road Goldington Road MK40 3NF Outdoor 1899-1906 Grass
Beeston Cricket Ground Station Road NG9 2ND Outdoor 1883-1902 Grass [81]
Belfast Balmoral Park Upper Lisburn Road BT1 3NQ Outdoor 1899-1901 Grass [165][331][445]
Celtic Park Donegall Road BT12 6HN Outdoor 1903-1926 Cinder [561]
Gibson Park Cregagh Road BT6 9GL Outdoor 1927-1949 Cinder
Ormeau Cricket Ground Ormeau Road BT7 2EZ Outdoor 1870-1902 Grass [15][249] [380]
RUC sports ground Newforge Lane BT9 5NW Outdoor 1922-1960 Grass
Solitude Stadium Cliftonville Street BT14 6LP Outdoor 1893-1901 Cinder
The Oval Dee Street BT4 1EW Outdoor 1903-1933 Cinder [562]
Tommy Givan Track Houston Park BT5 6AT Outdoor 1957-2022 Asphalt [394]
Ulster Cricket Club Ormeau Road - Ballynafeigh BR3 5AS Outdoor 1883-1906 Grass [73][77][150][445]
Belper Meadow Cricket Club Bridge Street DE56 1BA Outdoor 1886-1914 Grass
Beverley Recreation Ground Mill Lane HU17 9DH Outdoor 1886-1902 Cinder [120][183]
Berwick on Tweed Cricket Ground Pier Field TD15 1JD Outdoor 1884-1948 Grass
Shielfield Park Etal Road TD15 2EF Outdoor 1955-1968 Cinder [7][280]
Biggleswade Fairfield Sports Ground Fairfield Street SG18 0AA Outdoor 1882-present Grass [80][106]
Ongley Arms Shortmead Street SG18 0BB Outdoor 1880 Grass [63][281]
Bilston Midlands Velodrome Great Bridge Road DY4 0BY Outdoor 1936-1936 Wood
Bingley Cottingley Bridge - Bridge Flatts Dowley Gap Lane BD16 1LT Outdoor 1880 Grass [123]
Birkenhead New Ferry New Ferry Road CH62 1DD Outdoor 1881-1886 Cinder [201][204]
Park Football Ground Park Road North CH41 8AA Outdoor 1890-1914 Grass
Port Sunlight Recreation Ground Old Chester Road Bebington CH63 7LF Outdoor 1921-1927 Cinder [132][276]
Tower Athletics Ground Molyneux Drive New Brighton CH45 1NU Outdoor 1897-1940 Concrete [67][415]
Birmingham Aston Cross Grounds Aston Cross B6 5RQ Outdoor 1869-1870 Grass [52][283]
Aston Lower Grounds Trinity Road B6 6HE Outdoor 1870-1897 Cinder [3] [14][52][160][257][422]
B6 6HE Outdoor 1897-1913 Concrete
Bournbrook Grounds Kerbys Pool North Road B29 6BL Outdoor 1878-1882 Cinder [124]
Bournville Sports Stadium Linden Road B30 1JR Outdoor 1901-1954 Grass [53] [66] [68][105][578][579][580]
Bromsgrove Address unknown B61 8DA Outdoor 1897-1952 Grass [212]
Cricket Ground Old Hawne Lane B63 3TB Outdoor 1901 Grass [214]
Edgbaston - County Cricket Ground Edgbaston Road B5 7QU Outdoor 1889-1901 Grass [211]
Erdington Sir Josiah Mason’s Orphanage Grounds B24 0AG Outdoor 1901 Grass [210]
Erdington : Fort Dunlop Fort Parkway B24 9FD Outdoor 1923-1944 Grass
Halesowen Manor Abbey Stadium Manor Lane B62 8RW Outdoor 1949-present Asphalt [105][410]
Handsworth Grove Tavern Grounds Grove Lane B20 2HA Outdoor 1870-1886 Grass [50]
Kings Heath enclosure Alcester Road B14 7TQ Outdoor 1946-1958 Cinder [205]
Perry Barr - Alexander Sports Ground Aldridge Road B42 2ET Outdoor 1929-1955 Cinder [10] [39]
Portland Road City Road B16 9GD Outdoor 1876-1880 Grass [124]
Prince of Wales Grounds Holloway Head B1 1UE Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Royal Oak Grounds - Dudley Burnt Tree DY4 7PR Outdoor 1869 Grass
Royal Vauxhall Gardens Duddeston Mill Road B7 4ST Outdoor 1877-1880 Grass [130][469][470]
Salford Park Aston Expressway B6 7TG Outdoor 1951-2000 Asphalt [105]
Small Heath Football Ground Muntz Street B10 9EN Outdoor 1884-1901 Grass [4][211]
Smethwick - Cape Hill Kelvin Grove B66 4PL Outdoor 1899-1915 Cinder
Smethwick - Harry Mitchell Park Ground Broomfield B67 7DH Outdoor 1901 Grass [211]
Villa Park - Aston Witton Lane B6 6HE Outdoor 1936 Grass
Wednesbury - Lea Brook Great Western Street WS10 7LL Outdoor 1869 Grass [336][444]
West Bromwich - The Hawthorns Birmingham Road B71 4LF Outdoor 1901 Grass [212]
Bishop Auckland Cricket Club Victoria Street DL14 7JU Outdoor 1876-1914 Cinder [150][529]
Bishop Stortford Cricket field Cricketfield Lane CM23 2TD Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Blackburn Ewood Park Bolton Road BB2 4JF Outdoor 1882-1904 Cinder [250]
Blackpool Raikes Hall Gardens Leamington Road FY1 4HE Indoor 1876-1886 Grass [201][284][285]
Stanley Park West Park Drive FY3 9HU Outdoor 1894 Cinder [5] [100]
Blaina Queens Hotel Athletic Ground Abertillery Road NP13 3DW Outdoor 1894 Grass
Bollington Cricket Club Adlington Road SK10 5JT Outdoor 1896-1914 Grass [482]
Bolton Burnden Park Manchester Road BL3 2NE Outdoor 1895-1908 Grass [6] [91][477][478]
Boreham Boreham Park Springfield CM3 3HY Outdoor 1883 Grass [81]
Boston Athletic Ground Tower Road PE21 0JH Outdoor 1896-1907 Grass
Bargate Green Wide Bargate PE21 6RU Outdoor 1869 Grass
Lord Nelson Ground Liquorpond Street PE21 8UJ Outdoor 1891-1895 Grass [514]
Mrs Oldrids Park Thorold Street PE21 6PH Outdoor 1880-1881 Grass
The Ship Inn London Road PE21 8AG Outdoor 1882-1884 Grass
Bournemouth Bournemouth Velodrome Ensbury Park BH10 4EP Outdoor 2011-2022 Asphalt
Dean Park Cricket Ground Cavendish Road BH1 1RB Outdoor 1880-1920 Cinder [4] [73][201][249][299]
Slades Farm Ensbury Park BH10 4EP Outdoor 1880 Grass [91]
Winton Recreation Ground Pine Road BH9 1BX Outdoor 1913-1920 Cinder [553]
Brentwood Essex County Grounds Shenfield Road CM15 8AJ Outdoor 1883 Grass [80]
Bradford Birkenshaw Whitehall Road BD11 2ER Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
City Stadium Legrams Lane - Wibsey BD7 2AW Outdoor 1935-1955 Asphalt [105]
BD7 2AW Outdoor 1955-1965 Concrete [43] [104]
Cricket Club Horton Road WF17 0EJ Outdoor 1870-1876 Grass [92]
Horsfall Sports Ground - Odsal Halifax Road BD6 1JQ Outdoor 1952 Grass [486]
Mitchell Bros’ Park Mount Avenue BD2 2HY Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Park Avenue Cricket Ground Canterbury Avenue BD5 0PY Outdoor 1899-1955 Cinder [103][105]
Saltaire Park Coach Road BD17 7LU Outdoor 1869-1914 Grass [251]
Valley Parade Midland Road BD8 7DY Outdoor 1887-1896 Cinder [57] [103]
Wibsey Reevy Avenue BD6 3PT Outdoor 1895 Grass [103][105]
Bridgwater Malt Shovel field Malt Shovel Lane (Victoria Road) TA6 3QD Outdoor 1892-1910 Grass [252][476]
Bridlington Quay Recreation Grounds Quay Road YO16 4LE Outdoor 1870-1898 Cinder [72][201][565]
Brighouse Cricket Ground Clifton Road HD6 1RZ Outdoor 1886-1930 Grass [201]
Brighton Hove Cricket Ground Eaton Road BN3 3AN Outdoor 1874-1885 Grass [74] [80][86][124][150][558]
Preston Park Preston Drove BN1 6LA Outdoor 1877-1936 Cinder [6][61] [91][405][412]
Outdoor 1936-Present Asphalt [486]
Bristol Athletic Grounds College Green BS1 5TJ Outdoor 1880 Grass [124]
Bristol South End FC ground St John's Lane BS3 5AZ Outdoor 1890-1900 Grass [363]
Clifton Zoological Gardens Clifton Down BS8 3HA Outdoor 1876-1900 Cinder [122][150]
County Grounds - Ashley Down Nevil Road BS7 9EJ Outdoor 1889-1954 Cinder [6][9] [10] [61][98][105]
Eastville Stapleton Road BS5 6NA Outdoor 1881-1883 Cinder [85][150][172]
BS8 3HA Outdoor 1935 Grass [53]
Fox Lane Fox Road BS5 0YB Outdoor 1880 Grass [85][91]
Fry's Sports Ground Somerdale BS31 3JF Outdoor 1950-1955 Grass
Tyntesfield Cricket Field Wraxall BS48 1NX Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Bungay Ditchingham Meadow sports grd Pirnhow Street NR35 2RT Outdoor 1974-1977 Grass [144]
Burnham Old Cricket Ground Oxford Street TA8 1EN Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Burley-in-Wharfedale Cricket ground Main Street LS29 7HW Outdoor 1868-1880 Grass [353]
Burnley Burnley Cricket Club - Turf Moor Belvedere Road BB10 4BN Outdoor 1881-1893 Grass [86][249]
Lowerhouse Cricket Club Lowerhouse Lane BB12 6LP Outdoor 1877-1905 Grass [485]
Nelson Cricket Club Surrey Road BB9 7TY Outdoor 1886-1913 Grass
St Andrews Cricket Field Bassett Street BB10 3ET Outdoor 1888 Grass
Towneley Holmes Athletic Street BB10 4LP Outdoor 1896-1909 Concrete [9] [10]
Burton on Trent Allsopp’ Cricket Ground Meadow Road DE14 1TD Outdoor 1882 Grass [133][150]
Church Gresley Miners Welfare Gresley Wood Road DE11 9QW Outdoor 1954-1955 Grass [105]
Football Club Princess Way DE13 0AR Outdoor 1881 Grass [249]
Peel Croft Ground Lichfield Street? DE14 3RH Outdoor 1903-1906 Grass
Recreation Ground Watson Street DE14 3RJ Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Bury Cycling Stadium Gigg Lane BL9 9HR Outdoor 1880-1912 Grass [105]
Buxton Railway Hotel Station Road SK17 6BS Outdoor 1891-1898 Cinder
Silverlands Silverlands SK17 6QH Outdoor 1901 Grass
Caerphilly Virginia Park Stadium Virginia Close CF83 3JA Outdoor 1930-1934 Cinder [113]
Camborne Recreation Ground Crane Road TR14 7PU Outdoor 1896-1931 Cinder
Volunteer Barracks North Roskear Road TR14 8NF Outdoor 1889-1895 Grass
Cambridge Fenner’s Mortimer Road CB1 2EL Outdoor 1875-1878 Cinder [491]
Histon New Road CB24 9EL Outdoor 1930-1955 Grass [146]
University Bicycle Path Adams Road CB3 9AD Outdoor 1877-1898 Cinder [11] [61][189][361][491]
Cannock Festival Stadium Pye Green Road WS11 5FH Outdoor 1951-2008 Asphalt [105]
Canterbury Mr Finn’s Grounds Wincheap Street CT2 7NZ Outdoor 1883-1884 Grass [10] [84][148]
University Of Kent Giles Lane CT2 7BQ Outdoor 2018-Present Grass
Cardiff Alexandra Park Canton CF64 3AN Outdoor 1880-1884 Cinder [86][115][123][333]
Cardiff Bicycle Ground Newport Road Lane CF24 0JT Outdoor 1879-1880 Grass [219][288][378]
Cardiff Athletic Ground (Harlequins) Roath Minster Road CF23 5SE Outdoor 1880- 1897 Cinder [115][176][220][286]
Cathay’s Park Commercial Street CF10 3AT Outdoor 1896 Wood [166][267]
Maindy Stadium Crown Way off North Road CF14 3AJ Outdoor 1951-1951 Cinder [486]
CF14 3AJ Outdoor 1951-present Concrete
Rompney Castle Grounds Caeglas Road CF3 3JU Outdoor 1880 Grass [37]
Sophia Gardens Pontcanna CF11 9XR Outdoor 1881- 1907 Cinder [115]
Carlisle Longtown Sports Field Bridge Street CA6 5LY Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Show Field Dacre Road CA3 8UR Outdoor 1878-1900 Cinder [73][150]
Carmarthen Carmarthen Park Morfa Lane SA31 3BT Outdoor 1900-present Concrete [105][408]
Mansel Grounds Picton Terrace SA31 3BS Outdoor 1886-1893 Cinder [221][287]
Carrickfergus Barn Field Taylors Avenue BT38 8AG Outdoor 1893-1944 Grass
Carrickfergus Recreation Society Woodbury Road BT38 8HQ Outdoor 1896-1899 Cinder
Channel Islands Guernsey Castle Emplement Track Castle Pier GY1 1AU Outdoor 1885-1887 Cinder
Guernsey Elizabeth College La Vrangue GY1 2PY Outdoor 1888-1896 Cinder [203][569]
Guernsey Ivy Castle Les Osmonds GY2 4BB Outdoor 1897-1907 Cinder
Jersey Georgetown Greve d’Azette JE2 6QN Outdoor 1887-1901 Cinder
Jersey People’s Park St Aubins Road GY2 4BB Outdoor 1881-1886 Cinder
Chatham Football Ground Maidstone Road ME46LR Outdoor 1891-1905 Grass
Great Lines open space Great Lines ME4 4NA Outdoor 1869 Grass
Recreation Ground New Road ME1 1DZ Outdoor 1883-1888 Grass [78]
Chelmsford Athletic Grounds Albion Street CM2 0RE Outdoor 1899-1929 Grass
Chelmsford Cricket Ground New Writtle Street CM2 0PG Outdoor 1885-1885 Grass
Crompton's Sports Ground Wood Street CM2 9XW Outdoor 1890-1947 Grass
Hoffmann's Sports Ground Rainsford Road CM1 2XN Outdoor 1924-1944 Grass
Marconi Sports Ground Waterhouse Lane CM1 2QX Outdoor 1920-1943 Grass [488]
Margaretting Village Hall Wantz Road CM4 0EP Outdoor Present Grass [107]
Cheltenham Athletic Ground Tom Price Close GL52 2LE Outdoor 1902 Grass
College Grounds Bath Road GL53 7LD Outdoor 1955 Grass [105]
Montpellier Gardens Montpellier Terrace GL50 1UX Outdoor 1882-1886 Grass [80][132][201]
Chepstow Piercefield Park St Lawrence Road NP16 6BE Outdoor 1888-1894 Grass [222]
Chesham Cricket Ground Amy Lane HP5 1NE Outdoor 1890-1926 Grass
Chester Roodee Nuns Road CH1 2LY Outdoor 1894-1897 Grass
Chesterfield Bolsover - Mr Carters field High Street S44 6PP Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Brittania Grounds Old Road S40 1HD Outdoor 1869-1870 Grass
Handley Wood Sports Ground Barrow Hill S43 2PW Outdoor 1953-1960 Cinder [7][105][385]
Queens Park Boythorpe Road S40 2BF Outdoor 1893-1954 Asphalt [105][268][369]
Recreation Ground Saltergate S40 1NH Outdoor 1879-1895 Grass
Chichester Priory Park Priory Road PO19 1NS Outdoor 1876-1880 Grass [55][124]
Chippenham Cricket Grounds Bristol Road SN15 1NW Outdoor 1883-1913 Grass [80]
Cirencester Popes Seat Cirencester Park GL7 2BU Indoor 1869-1870 Wood
Clay Cross Miners Welfare - High Flat Cricket Ground Market Street S45 9LX Outdoor 1922-2013 Grass [105][193][360]
Coalville Fox and Goose Grounds London Road LE67 3SJ Outdoor 1900 Grass
Colchester Abbey Field Circular Road East CO2 7SZ Outdoor 1883 Grass [73]
Crittall Sports Field Braintree Crissington Road CM7 3AL Outdoor 1924-1950 Cinder [462]
Lexden Park Church Lane CO3 3SZ Outdoor 1896 Grass
Shrub End Boadicea Way CO2 9BQ Outdoor Present Grass [107]
Coleshill Athletic Club Grounds Parkfield Road B46 3BT Outdoor 1883-1886 Grass [73][201]
Compstall Ernocroft Hall Ernocroft Road SK6 5HG Outdoor 1880 Grass
Congleton Congleton Park Mill Green CW12 1NS Outdoor 1884-1906 Grass [201]
Coventry Butts Stadium Albany Road CV1 3GE Outdoor 1879 Cinder [6][53] [91][122][179][199]
Outdoor 1936-1954 Concrete
Outdoor 1954-2000 Asphalt [105]
City Football Club Grounds Signet Square CV2 4NZ Outdoor 1901 Grass [211]
Midland Counties Bicycle Ground - Stivichall Kenilworth Road CV5 6QD Outdoor 1878-1880 Cinder [505]
Midland Counties Grounds Butts Road CV1 3GE Outdoor 1880-1882 Grass [122]
Warwick Road Warwick Road CV3 6AQ Outdoor 1878-1879 Cinder [50][269]
Cowbridge Cricket field The Broad Shoard CF71 7DB Outdoor 1907 Grass [223]
Cowes The Oval E.Cowes PO33 4NR Outdoor 1883-1886 Grass [83][201]
Crewe Alexandra Athletic Ground & LMR Earl Street CW1 2AQ Outdoor 1877-1952 Grass [80][486]
Royal Hotel Recreation Ground Nantwich Road CW2 6AG Outdoor 1880 Grass [224][289][313]
Darlington Cleveland Bicycle Grounds South Terrace DL1 5JD Outdoor 1883 Grass [76]
Cricket Ground Feetham's Ground DL1 5JD Outdoor 1876-1934 Grass
Derby Arboretum Reginald Street DE23 8FR Outdoor 1869-1874 Grass [52]
Baseball Ground Shaftesbury Crescent DE23 8NG Outdoor 1891-1911 Grass
County Cricket Ground Nottingham Road DE21 6DA Outdoor 1891-1911 Grass
Derby Arena Royal Way DE24 8AN Indoor 2015-Present Wood [404]
Municipal Sports Ground Osmaston Road DE24 9HY Outdoor 1923-1954 Concrete [4] [6] [53][105][385][443]
Victoria Recreation Ground Nottingham Road DE21 6DA Outdoor 1885-1890 Cinder [201]
Vulcan Athletic Ground Pear Tree Road DE23 8NQ Outdoor 1891-1895 Cinder
Derry NI Ebrington Barracks Ebrington Street BT47 6FA Outdoor 1889 Grass
Stadium Brandywell Road BT48 9LA Outdoor 1890 Grass
Dewsbury Crown Flatt Crown Flatt Way WF12 7TE Outdoor 1881 Grass [37]
Sports Field Savile Road WF12 9LP Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Dinnington Colliery Institute Laughton Road S25 2PP Outdoor 1913-1966 Cinder [105]
Disley Lyme Park High Lane SK12 2NR Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Diss Cricket Field Roydon Road IP22 4LB Outdoor 1883 Grass [80]
Doncaster Balby Cricket Field Back Lane DN4 8QE Outdoor 1931 Grass
Brodsworth Miners Welfare Woodlands DN6 7PP Outdoor 1930-1965 Cinder [105][359][497]
Drewry’s Field - Crowle South End DN17 4HU Outdoor 1938 Grass
Edlington Yorkshire Main Welfare Edlington Lane DN12 1DA Outdoor 1930-1954 Cinder [94][105]
Goldthorpe Miners Welfare Dearne Cricket Club S63 9EL Outdoor 1949-1959 Grass
Harworth Colliery Cricket Ground Scrooby Road DN11 8AD Outdoor 1952-1954 Grass [105]
South Elmsall - Frickley Frickley DN5 7BU Outdoor 1920 Grass [91]
Thurnscoe - Hickleton Main Cricket pitch S63 0HT Outdoor 1909-1975 Grass
Dorking Cricket Field Frickley Lane RH4 1PQ Outdoor 1888 Grass [157]
Dover Crabble Athletics Ground Crabble Road CT17 0QJ Outdoor 1897-1902 Asphalt [262][263]
Driffield Kirbys Field Beverley Lane YO25 RL Outdoor 1870-1870 Cinder [124]
Recreation Ground King’s Mill Road YO25 6TT Outdoor 1879-1939 Cinder
Dulverton Mount Sydenham Millham Lane TA22 9HT Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Dundee Caird Park Velodrome Forfar Road DD4 9BX Outdoor 1950-present Asphalt [105][407]
Dundee Police Sports Dens Park DD3 7JY Outdoor 1934 Grass [141]
Harp’s Track East Dock Street DD1 3HB Outdoor 1883-1890 Cinder [80][201]
MSW Welfare Grounds Graham Street - Kingsway DD4 9AH Outdoor 1934 Grass [141]
North End Park Fairmuir Street DD3 8HU Outdoor 1945 Grass [141]
Dunfermline Lady’s Mill Park Exeter Road KY12 7SN Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Eastbourne Devonshire Park College Road BN21 4JJ Outdoor 1877-1884 Grass [12] [13] [80][270]
Edinburgh 1890 Exhibition Ground Palworth Terrace EH14 1XN Outdoor 1890-1890 Cinder [545]
Meadowbank Park London Road EH7 6AE Outdoor 1949 Grass [193]
Meadowbank Velodrome London Road EH7 6AE Outdoor 1970-2018 Wood [419][420][421]
Powderhall Gardens Powderhall Road EH7 4HG Outdoor 1870-1927 Cinder [14][136][148][150]
Royal Patent Gymnasium Royal Crescent EH3 6QA Outdoor 1869-1879 Cinder [518][519][520][521]
Tynecastle McLeod Street EH11 2NL Outdoor 1890 Grass
Outdoor 1893-1907 Cinder [99]
Union Park - Corstorphine Saughton Mains Street EH12 7DR Outdoor 1882-1884 Grass [150][154]
Egremont Crab fair Grove Road CA22 2NG Outdoor 1870-present Grass
Ellesmere (Salop) Recreation Ground Wharf Road SY12 0EJ Outdoor 1950-1960 Cinder
Ely Isleham Gala Mill Lane CB7 5RY Outdoor 2013-Present Grass
Paradise Fields Recreation Ground Pickwillow Road CB7 4PQ Outdoor 1893-1956 Grass [105][253]
Exeter County Ground Church Street EX2 9AU Outdoor 1892-1938 Asphalt [320]
Polsloe Park Grounds Clifton Hill EX1 2DH Outdoor 1870-1894 Grass [35] [80][137][324]
St James Field St James Road EX4 6PX Outdoor 1893-1939 Grass [544]
Exmouth Cricket Ground Queens Drive EX8 2AY Outdoor 1874-1906 Grass
Falkirk Brockville Park Hope Street FK1 5BU Outdoor 1887-1910 Cinder
Merchiston Park Bainsford FK2 7PQ Outdoor 1887-1894 Grass
Falmouth Recreation Ground Dracaena Avenue TR11 2FB Outdoor 1889-1910 Cinder
Outdoor 1952 Asphalt [486]
Faversham Lynsdale Park Park Road ME13 8HA Outdoor 1882-1949 Grass [135][191]
Ferryhill Dean Bank Recreation Ground Lightfoot Terrace DL17 8NW Outdoor 1975 Grass [140]
Mainsforth New Cottages DL17 9AB Outdoor 1943 Grass [140]
Fleetwood The Copse Ground Copse Road FY7 6ST Outdoor 1890-1900 Grass [285]
Folkestone Football Ground Near Shwancliffe Stn CT20 2QW Outdoor 1902 Grass
Morehall Sports Ground Cherry Garden Avenue CT19 5LE Outdoor 1886-1900 Grass [12] [91][201]
Forest of Dean Berry Hill Sports Ground Lakers Road GL16 7QT Outdoor 1954-1958 Grass [143]
Cinderford Recreation Ground Boseley Way GL14 2JH Outdoor 1905 Grass [227]
Coleford Angel Meadow GL14 2AQ Outdoor 1907 Grass [228]
Lydbrook Church Road GL17 9SH Outdoor 1905 Grass [225]
Lydney Lydney Park GL15 6BT Outdoor 1907 Grass [226]
Forfar Strathmore Recreation Grounds Manor Street DD8 1AZ Outdoor 1886-1889 Cinder [109]
Fornham All Saints Community Centre Fornham All Saints IP28 6JZ Outdoor Present Grass [107]
Gateshead Gateshead International Stadium Neilson Road NE10 0EF Outdoor 1955-1974 Asphalt [147]
Lintzford Lintzford Lane NE39 1LZ Outdoor 1883 Grass [148]
North Durham Cricket Field Prince Consort Road NE8 1LS Outdoor 1877-1886 Cinder [13][78][98][122][147][148]
Glasgow Anniesland Crow Road G13 1PL Outdoor 1883-1892 Cinder [83][148]
Barrowfield Park Norman Street G40 4JS Outdoor 1877-1888 Concrete [56] [60][185]
Bedlay Colliery Bedlay Place ML5 2QR Outdoor 1919 Grass [364]
Bellahouston Park Bellahouston Drive G52 1JL Outdoor 2006-Present Asphalt
Burnbank Grounds Great Western Road G20 6HB Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Celtic Park The Celtic Way G40 3RE Outdoor 1888 - 1892 Cinder [60][294][298]
Outdoor 1892 - 1929 Concrete [60][294][298]
Glasgow University Gilmore Hill G12 8QQ Outdoor 1879- 1901 Grass [86][148][154][371]
Hampden Park I Cathcart Road G42 8XE Outdoor 1879-1882 Grass [124][137]
Hampden Park II Myrtle Place G42 8UJ Outdoor 1886 Cinder [60] [61] [98][201][354]
Ibrox Park Broomloan Road G51 2XD Outdoor 1888-1954 Cinder [60][105]
Helenvale Park Parkhead G31 4NR Outdoor 1927-1962 Cinder [105][192][584]
Partick Dumbarton Road G14 9QB Outdoor 1882 Grass [131][137][295]
Scotstoun Showgound Danes Drive G14 9HD Outdoor 1955 Grass [69]
Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome Emirates Arena : Dalmarnock G40 3HG Indoor 2012-present Wood
West of Scotland Cricket Club - Partick Hamilton Crescent, G11 5LU Outdoor 1879-1884 Grass [50][83][86][153][154][371]
Westhorn Track 1516 London Road G32 8XR Outdoor 1948- 1985 Grass [69] [70] [71][105]
Gloucester Kingsholm Kingsholm Road GL1 3AX Outdoor 1893 Grass [356]
Spa Ground Spa Road GL1 1LB Outdoor 1884-1901 Grass [212][229]
Tuffley Avenue Bristol Road GL1 5TW Outdoor 1895-1952 Cinder [10] [101][486]
Godalming Broadwater Park Summers Road GU7 3BH Outdoor 1878-1890 Grass [492][493]
Recreation Ground Busbridge Lane - Holloway Hill GU7 1QD Outdoor 1883-1906 Grass [73]
Gosport Gosport Park Park Road PO12 2HE Outdoor 1893-1910 Cinder [105][290][349][560]
Outdoor 1921-1955 Asphalt
Grangemouth Grangemouth Stadium Kersiebank Avenue FK3 0EE Outdoor 1966-1996 Concrete
Grantham Arnold Field Great North Road NG31 8HU Outdoor 1869-1876 Grass
Barrack Drill Ground Sandon Road NG31 9AS Outdoor 1878-1879 Grass
Belton House High Road Belton NG32 2NW Outdoor 1886-1936 Cinder
Cricket Club London Road NG31 6HD Outdoor 1884-1920 Grass [229]
Easton Hall Park North Road NG33 5AP Outdoor 1886-1910 Grass
Harlaxton Road Ground Harlaxton Road NG31 7AE Outdoor 1891-1891 Grass
Mr Barton’s field Papermill Lane NG31 7TR Outdoor 1893-1893 Grass
Great Yarmouth Gorleston Recreation Ground Church Lane NR31 7BQ Outdoor 1889-1945 Cinder [10][158][162][163][164][325]
Recreation Grounds Wellesley Road NR30 1EY Outdoor 1888-1905 Cinder [10][158][162][163][164][325][531][532][533]
Greenock Cappielow East Hamilton Street PA15 2UA Outdoor 1888-1901 Cinder
Glen Park Brisbane Street PA16 8NY Outdoor 1882-1886 Grass [201]
Grimesthorpe Cricket pitch Beacon Close S9 1AA Outdoor 1907 Cinder [358]
Grimsby Abbey Park Welholme Road DN32 0NG Outdoor 1883 Grass [272][350]
Blundell Park Grimsby Road DN35 7PY Outdoor 1903-1910 Grass [99][200]
Boulevard Boulevard Avenue DN31 2PY Outdoor 1894-1910 Cinder [198][200][300]
Worsley Cricket Ground track Wintringham Road DN32 9QB Outdoor 1882-1887 Grass [6] [98][198][199][200]
Outdoor 1887-1894 Cinder
Guildford Shalford Park Woodbridge Road GU1 4RP Outdoor 1879-1937 Grass [53][402]
Halifax Hanson Lane Thrum Hall Lane HX1 4JT Outdoor 1877- 1894 Cinder [98][302]
Hamilton Douglas Park - Burnbank Cadzow Avenue ML3 0FT Outdoor 1869 Grass [155]
Harlow Harlow Track Edinburgh Way CM20 2QE Outdoor 1976-1993 Wood [42][406]
Harrogate Cricket ground St Georges Road HG2 9BP Outdoor 1881-1904 Grass [10] [55][103][134][517]
Prince Arthur skating rink Walkers Road HG1 5LA Outdoor 1878-1880 Asphalt [516][517]
Spa Grounds Crescent Road HG1 2RY Outdoor 1880 Grass [124]
Hastings Central Cricket Ground Station Road TN34 1PH Outdoor 1869-1955 Grass [10] [73][124][556][557]
Havant Recreation Ground Park Road North PO9 1QF Outdoor 1896 Grass [12] [91]
Hayes - Middlesex Hayes Common W Common Road BR2 7AU Outdoor 1880 Grass [37]
Hawick Buccleuch Cycling Grounds Langholm races. Athletic games TD9 7EL Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Heckington Heckington Showgound High Street NG34 9RA Outdoor 1869-Present Grass [89]
Henley Dry Leas Marlow Road RG9 2JA Outdoor 1890-1898 Grass
Hereford Castle Green Castle Street HR1 2NW Outdoor 1882-1889 Grass [254]
Edgar Street Football Ground Blackfriars Street HR4 9JU Outdoor 1895 Grass [139]
King George V Playing Field St Martins Avenue HR2 7RQ Outdoor 1956-1985 Grass [139]
The Barracks Harold Street HR1 2QU Outdoor 1891 Grass [254]
Hertford Water Lane Castle Gardens SG14 1HR Outdoor 1952-1954 Grass [6] [91] [105]
Heywood Heywood Phoenix Bowling Club Pine Street OL10 1LR Outdoor 1883 Grass [73]
High Beach - Epping Kings Oak Pub Epping New Road IG10 4AF Outdoor 1891-1928 Cinder [91][414]
Hinkley Burbage Road Grounds Burbage Road LE10 1EG Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Hitchin Top Field Fishponds Road SG5 1NU Outdoor 1951 Grass [146]
Huddersfield Broad Oak Cricket Field Linthwaite Church HD7 5TD Outdoor 1939 Grass
Fartown - St. John’s Grounds Spaines Road HD2 2RE Outdoor 1884-1886 Grass [201]
Rifle Range Trinity Street HD1 4EN Outdoor 1870 Grass
Hugglescote - Leics Crescent Road Stadium Close LE67 2BE Outdoor 1954 Grass [105]
Hull Alderman Kneeshaw Recreation ground Barham Road HU9 4DD Outdoor 1960-1965 Grass
Botanic Gardens Sunny Bank HU3 1LE Outdoor 1882-1888 Cinder [17] [18][110][201][375]
The Boulevard Massey Close HU3 3QT Outdoor 1891-1892 Grass [111] [121]
Ilford Ilford High Road IG3 8RE Outdoor 1920 Cinder
Ilford Sports Ground Wellesley Road IG1 4LQ Outdoor 1897-1904 Grass
Ilkeston Rutland Recreation Ground Oakwell Drive DE7 5GL Outdoor 1880-1948 Grass [108] [112] [376] [534] [535]
The Old Manor Ground Mannors Road DE7 8AT Outdoor 1894-1910 Cinder [108][112][346][376][526]
Inverness Northern Meeting Park Ardross Street IV3 5NS Outdoor 1869-1907 Grass [550]
Ipswich Chantry Park London Road IP2 0SS Outdoor 2012-Present Grass
Stadium Portman Road IP1 2DA Outdoor 1896-1904 Grass [449]
Isle of Man Belle Vue Grounds - Douglas Groves Road IM2 1RB Outdoor 1889-1900 Cinder
Falcon Cliff Grounds - Douglas Glencrutchery Road IM2 4AU Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Onchan Stadium The Park IM3 1HT Outdoor 1951-1951 Asphalt [105][447]
Quarter Bridge Peel Road IM2 1HB Outdoor 1869 Grass
Racecourse - Douglas Groves Road IM2 1RB Outdoor 1875-1883 Grass
Recreation Grounds - Ramsey Lezayre Road IM8 2LL Outdoor 1881-1900 Cinder
Isle of Wight Carisbrooke Castle Carisbrooke High Street PO30 1XY Outdoor 1872-1910 Grass [201]
Newport Victoria Recreation Ground Carisbrooke Road PO30 5DS Outdoor 1901-1933 Grass
Shanklin County Ground Green Lane PO37 7DD Outdoor 1889-1903 Cinder [465]
Jarrow Jarrow Cricket Club Park Road NE32 5JP Outdoor 1884-1891 Cinder [26][61] [62] [98][366]
Monkton Stadium Dene Terrace NE32 5NJ Outdoor 1891-1945 Cinder [26][62][366]
Kettering Cricket Field Lake Avenue NN15 7EP Outdoor 1890-1927 Grass
North Park Bath Road NN16 9JT Outdoor 1891-1900 Cinder [585]
Wicksteed Park Waverley Road NN15 6NJ Outdoor 1890-1930 Grass [6][10][105][273]
Outdoor 1930-1971 Asphalt
Kidderminster Aggborough Sports Ground Hoo Road DY10 1LY Outdoor 1890-1952 Cinder [105][212][510]
Outdoor 1952-1954 Asphalt
Kidderminster Cricket Club Chester Road North DY10 1TH Outdoor 1883-1889 Grass [510]
Mr Rea pleasure Ground Railway Bell Inn DY10 1QN Outdoor 1869 Grass
Kilmarnock Rugby Park South Hamilton Street KA1 2DZ Outdoor 1880- 1896 Cinder [4] [76][122][177][201]
Kilwinning Blacklands Park Stobbs Crescent KA13 6JJ Outdoor 1897 Grass
Kings Lynn Hillington Park Hillington Park PE31 6BN Outdoor 1880 Grass [91][123]
West Norfolk Athletic Grounds Gaywood Road PE30 2QB Outdoor 1896 Grass
Kirkcaldy Kirkcaldy Athletic Grounds Pratt Street KY1 1SA Outdoor 1880 Grass [50]
Knutsford Annual athletic festival - Knutsford Heath Manchester Road WA16 0LY Outdoor 1870-1886 Grass [92][303]
Larne Waterloo Recreation Grounds Larne BT40 3BW Outdoor 1937-1938 Cinder
Leamington Old Cricket Field Avenue Road CV31 3PH Outdoor 1881 Grass
Pump Room Gardens Village Green CV32 4AA Outdoor 1869-1888 Grass
Victoria Park Princes Drive CV31 3PH Outdoor 1901 Grass [210]
Leeds Headingley St Michael's Lane LS6 3BR Outdoor 1889-1981 Grass [6]
Holbeck Recreation Grounds Cleveleys Avenue LS11 0AH Outdoor 1878-1890 Cinder [123][177]
Horticultural Gardens Queens Road LS6 1HY Outdoor 1879 Grass [123]
Leeds Royal Park Queens Road LS6 1EG Outdoor 1869-1884 Cinder
Old Peacock Grounds Beeston LS11 0ES Outdoor 1881-1883 Cinder [83][249][351]
Roundhay Park Mansion Lane LS8 2JL Outdoor 1894-2022 Grass [377][105]
Leicester Abbey Park Abbey Park Road LE4 5AQ Outdoor 1947-1951 Grass [142]
Aylestone Road Grace Road LE2 8AD Outdoor 1878-1901 Cinder [6] [98][124]
Belgrave Road Belgrave Road LE4 5AT Outdoor 1880-1887 Cinder [6] [13][167][160]
Velodrome Saffron Lane LE2 7NB Outdoor 1969-1978 Concrete [417]
Outdoor 1978-1999 Wood
Willow Park Wigston LE18 1BA Outdoor 1951-1952 Grass
Leigh Leigh Harriers & Athletics Club Charles Street WN7 1EP Outdoor 1930-1954 Cinder [94][105][448]
Leighton Buzzard Bell Close Lake Street LU7 1RX Outdoor 1879-1909 Grass [131][150]
Leominster Worcester Road Grounds Worcester Road HR6 8TW Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Letchworth Fearnhill School Icknield Way SG6 4BA Outdoor 2009-2011 Grass
Lewes Dripping Pan Mountfield Road BN7 2XA Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Lichfield Recreation Grounds - later Beacon Park Lower Sandforth Street WS13 6RB Outdoor 1901-1954 Cinder [105][212]
Lincoln Lindum Cricket Ground Wragby Road LN2 4PE Outdoor 1879-1900 Grass [13] [81] [88]
Sincil Bank Sinsil Bank LN5 8LD Outdoor 1896-1929 Grass [291]
Lisburn NI Hertford FC - Fort Grounds Castle Street BT27 4XD Outdoor 1883 Grass [148]
Wallace Park Parkmount BT27 4AN Outdoor 1937 Cinder [105][486]
Outdoor 1953-1957 Asphalt
Liskeard Liskeard School and Community College Coldstyle Road PL14 3EA Outdoor 1954-present Grass [105]
Liverpool Bootle Stadium Aintree Road L20 9PQ Outdoor 1933-1954 Cinder [7] [94][105][525]
Outdoor 1954-1965 Asphalt
Edge Hill Woodcroft Park L15 0EE Outdoor 1891-1897 Cinder [149][551][575][576]
Goodison Park Mere Green Walton L4 4EL Outdoor 1893-1908 Grass [572]
Greenwich Park Grounds Melling Road Aintree L9 0LQ Outdoor 1872-1892 Cinder [577]
Kensington Fields Hall Lane L7 8TT Outdoor 1880-1885 Cinder [10][86][386][570][571]
Kirkby Valley Road L32 5TG Outdoor 1964-2007 Asphalt
Knowsley Park Knowsley Lane L34 4AG Outdoor 1880-1882 Grass [123]
Knowsley Velodrome Longview Drive - Huyton L36 6EG Outdoor 2012-present Asphalt [403]
Latham Park - Ormskirk Hall Lane L40 5UE Outdoor 1881 Grass [386]
Liverpool Athletic Grounds Prescot Road L13 3AS Outdoor 1886-1918 Cinder [81][201]
Liverpool Cricket Club - Aigburth Aigburth Road L19 3QF Outdoor 1885 Grass [196]
Ormskirk Grammar School Cricket field Ruff Lane L39 4PY Outdoor 1869-1873 Grass
Park Skating Rink Scotland Road L5 5AE Outdoor 1877 Grass [129]
Police Athletic Ground I Shiel Road L6 3AQ Outdoor 1886-1898 Cinder [573][574]
Police Athletic Ground II Prescot Road L7 0AD Outdoor 1900-1938 Grass
Rainhill Victoria Terrace L35 0LJ Outdoor 1883 Grass [78][124]
Rufford Park Liverpool Road L40 1SQ Outdoor 1882 Grass [150]
Sefton Park Aigburth Drive L17 1AP Outdoor 1880 Grass [124]
Stanley Park Priory Lane L4 2SL Outdoor 1876-1882 Grass [207]
The Old Stanley Athletic grounds Goodison Road L4 4EL Outdoor 1904 Grass
Tramway Grounds Green Lane L13 7GD Outdoor 1909-1923 Cinder
Walton - Nursery Hey Speke Road L25 7TL Outdoor 1878 Grass [72][150][386]
Llanelly Halfway Athletic Park Llandafen Road SA14 9DR Outdoor 1895-1898 Cinder [114][365]
Peoples Park Church Street SA15 3AH Outdoor 1882 Grass [105][137]
Stradey Park Chapman Street SA15 4BT Outdoor 1898 Grass [230]
London Albert Palace - Battersea Prince of Wales Drive SW11 8BD Outdoor 1884 Grass [4]
Alexandra Palace/Park Alexandra Palace Way N22 7AY Outdoor 1876- 1881 Cinder [16] [19] [23] [61][170][275]
Outdoor 1881 - 1896 Cinder
Indoor 1882- 1904 Grass
Balham - Hyde Farm Thornton Road SW12 0LF Outdoor 1890-1896 Cinder [6][152][554]
Balham - Athletic Grounds Oldridge Road SW12 8PL Outdoor 1880-1885 Grass [122]
Balham - Manor House School Clapham Common North Side SW4 9RU Outdoor 1882 Grass [131][150][307][308]
Battersea - St Peter’s Recreation Club Plough Road SW11 2DE Outdoor 1880 Grass [124]
Beckenham Foxgrove Road BR3 5AS Outdoor 1881-1883 Grass [75]
Bow Grounds Bow Road E3 3AH Outdoor 1869-1902 Cinder [231]
Canning Town Memorial Grounds Memorial Avenue E15 3DB Outdoor 1895-1922 Concrete [6] [10][96][105][261][453][454][455]
Caterham Asylum Marcuse Road CR3 5FP Outdoor 1878 Grass [399]
Catford Bridge Canadian Avenue SE6 4TY Outdoor 1876-1896 Grass
Catford Track Brownhill Road SE6 4SW Outdoor 1880-1890 Cinder [91][306][450]
Outdoor 1895-1900 Concrete [64][91][306][450]
Chiswick - Polytechnic Stadium Harrington Road W4 3TL Outdoor 1879 Grass [7]
Cremorne Gardens Kings Road SW10 0EW Outdoor 1874-1875 Cinder [563][564]
Crystal Palace Ledrington Road SE19 2BB Outdoor 1869-1880 Cinder [5][14][24][34][35][50][52] [91][338][340][362]
Outdoor 1880-1890 Cinder
Outdoor 1896-1912 Concrete
Dagenham Old Park RM10 9AR Outdoor 1945-1956 Grass
Deptford - Sayes Court Evelyn Street SE8 5RA Outdoor 1883 Grass [81]
Ealing - Brentfield Cricket Club Grounds Corfton Road W5 2HS Outdoor 1882 Grass [72]
Ealing - The Green Man 64 Broadway W13 0SU Outdoor 1881-1889 Cinder [224]
Ealing - The Royal Indian Asylum Elm Grove Road SW13 0BS Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Fulham Star Grounds Star Road W14 9QA Outdoor 1870-1877 Cinder [14] [20] [52][418]
Gravesend - Bat and Ball Wrotham Road DA11 0QP Outdoor 1879-1894 Grass [73] [80][566]
Ham Common Church Road TW10 5HG Outdoor 1877-1880 Grass [123]
Hammersmith - Queen of England Grounds Stamford Brook Road W6 0XH Outdoor 1874 Grass [14][321][329]
Hare & Hounds Leyton 282 Lea Bridge Road E10 7LD Outdoor 1890-1896 Concrete [581][582]
Hendon - Welsh Harp pub West Hendon Broadway NW9 7AN Outdoor 1868-1900 Grass [14] [52][322][457]
Herne Hill Burbage Road SE24 9HE Outdoor 1891-1893 Grass [6] [91] [93][105][304][305][362]
Outdoor 1893-1897 Wood
Outdoor 1897-1944 Concrete
Outdoor 1944-1992 Asphalt
Outdoor 1992-2011 Asphalt
Outdoor 2011-present Asphalt
Kennington Oval Kennington Oval SE11 5SS Outdoor 1869-1892 Grass [156][343]
Kensal Rise College Road NW10 3JP Outdoor 1890-1893 Cinder [91][264][456]
Outdoor 1893-1910 Concrete
Ladywell Cricket Ground Eastern Road SE4 1LD Outdoor 1879 Grass [232]
Lambeth Baths Baylis Street SE1 7AA Outdoor 1869-1869 Grass
Lea Valley Velopark Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park E20 3AB Indoor 2012-present Wood
Leyton (Essex County Grounds) Crawley Road E10 6RJ Outdoor 1885-1890 Grass [118]
Lille Bridge - West Brompton Lille Road SW6 1UE Outdoor 1870-1884 Cinder [10][25] [36][342]
Outdoor 1884-1887 Cinder
Lord’s Cricket Ground St John's Wood Road NW8 7JY Outdoor 1869 Grass [92]
Marylebone - Great Central Hotel Marylebone Road NW1 6JQ Outdoor 1899 Asphalt [44]
Merton Hall - Poly Sports Ground Dundonald Road SW19 3PN Outdoor 1881-1918 Grass [10][314]
Mortlake - Sheen House Richmond Park SW14 8LR Outdoor 1897-1897 Concrete [6][318]
New Cross Goldsmiths College SE14 6NW Outdoor 1890-1900 Grass
Old Ford - Ye Olde Clay Athletic Grounds Old Ford Road E3 5JP Outdoor 1890-1900 Cinder
Paddington Randolph Avenue W9 1PD Outdoor 1888-1892 Cinder [10] [53][105][265][559]
Outdoor 1893-1987 Concrete
Peckham-Rye - St Mary’s College Grounds Hanover Park SE15 5EW Outdoor 1880 Grass [123][315]
Plumstead Invicta Ground Mineral Street SE18 1QR Outdoor 1890-1905 Cinder [12][316][317]
Plumstead - Manor Ground Griffin Manor Way SE28 0FA Outdoor 1895-1902 Grass [58][316]
Plumstead - Sportsman Running Ground Western Way SE28 0FJ Outdoor 1879-1880 Grass [124][317]
Putney Velodrome Hotham Road SW15 1BH Outdoor 1891-1905 Concrete [91][522][523][524]
Queen of England Grounds 320 Goldhawk Road W6 0XF Outdoor 1869-1875 Cinder
Ravensbourne Cutter Lane SE10 0EW Outdoor 1878 Grass [6]
Richmond Old Deer Park TW9 2SL Outdoor 1869-1886 Grass [14]
Outdoor 1886-1903 Cinder
Romford Recreation Grounds Alexandra Road RM1 2GP Outdoor 1882-1883 Cinder [75] [81]
South Kensington - The Wheel Club Hereford House SW7 4TS Outdoor 1896-1898 Grass [12] [539] [540] [541]
Staines Ferry Lane TW19 6HG Outdoor 1949 Grass [190]
Stamford Bridge Fulham Road SW6 1HS Outdoor 1877-1931 Cinder [6][13] [67]
Marble Rink and Athletic Grounds 143 Clapham Road SW9 0HP Outdoor 1880-1881 Cinder [37][552]
Surbiton Recreation Grounds Balaclava Road KT6 5DN Outdoor 1879-1888 Cinder [13] [61][466][467]
Sydenham Athletic Ground Cator Road SE26 5LW Outdoor 1890 Grass
Tee-to-Tum Stamford Hill N15 6NH Outdoor 1892-1920 Grass
Trafalgar Club Catharine Lodge S Kensington SW3 6LF Outdoor 1895-1895 Wood [392] [393] [537] [538]
Tufnell Park Page’s Cricket Ground N7 0EB Outdoor 1869-1892 Cinder [14]
Uxbridge Cricket Club Hillingdon Road UB8 2NZ Outdoor 1877 Grass [130]
Wembley Park Fulton Road HA9 0FR Outdoor 1894-1907 Grass [10][542]
White City Wood Lane W12 7FQ Outdoor 1907-1922 Concrete [396][458][459]
Willesden Roundwood Park NW10 3UN Outdoor 1883 Grass [76][124]
Wood Green Bounds Green Road N22 8DU Outdoor 1895-1900 Concrete [21][165][260][310]
Woolwich Ordnance Cricket Ground Woolwich Common SE18 4BT Outdoor 1880 Grass [123][323]
Long Eaton Recreation Ground Station Road NG10 2GL Outdoor 1885-1954 Cinder [6][16][38] [61][391]
Vulcan Grounds Bridge Street NG10 4QQ Outdoor 1893 Cinder
Loughborough Athletics Ground Nottingham Road LE11 1EU Outdoor 1883-1901 Grass [76][210]
Lowestoft Fir Lane Fir Lane NR32 2RB Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Henham Park Beccles NR34 8AQ Outdoor 1890-1899 Grass
St Aubyns Recreation Ground Acton Road Kirkley NR33 7LE Outdoor 1895-1908 Grass
Luton Bury Park Dunstable Road LU1 1DJ Outdoor 1897-1905 Grass [452]
Dallow Lane Dunstable Road LU1 1LY Outdoor 1887-1897 Grass [452]
People's Park Arden Place LU2 7YE Outdoor 1905-1910 Grass [452]
Wardown Park New Bedford Road LU3 1LF Outdoor 1913-1935 Grass [452]
Macclesfield Victoria Grounds Victoria Road SK10 3JE Outdoor 1883-1888 Cinder [201]
Maidenhead Kidwell’s Park Bad Godesberg Way SL6 8AQ Outdoor 1884 Grass [229]
Maidstone Athletics Ground London Road ME16 0LY Outdoor 1895-1922 Cinder [30]
Hayle Place Cripple Street ME15 6DW Outdoor 1940-1950 Grass [37]
Linton Park Heath Road ME17 4HT Outdoor 1891-1892 Grass
Newnham Court Grounds Sittingbourne Road ME14 3ER Outdoor 1884 Grass [229]
Police Sports Ground Sutton Road ME15 9FL Outdoor 1955 Grass [105]
Malvern Cricket Field Barnard’s Field Road WR14 2NN Outdoor 1901 Grass [214]
Manchester Abbey Hey Park Abbey Hey Lane M18 8SU Outdoor 1883-1883 Grass
Ardwick Cricket and Athletics Club King Street nr Ashton Old Road M12 6LP Outdoor 1890-1895 Cinder
Ashton Athletics Grounds Manchester Outer Ring Road OL7 0ED Outdoor 1889-1891 Cinder
Audenshaw Racecourse - Snipe Inn Manchester Road M34 5RP Outdoor 1869 Grass
Belle Vue Hyde Road M12 4JZ Outdoor 1887-1933 Cinder [48] [87][197][212][388]
Bradford & Clayton Athletic Grounds Bank Lane M11 4SG Outdoor 1890-1891 Cinder
Broughton Cricket Ground Yew Street M7 2HL Outdoor 1876-1879 Grass [129]
Fallowfield Stadium Whitworth Lane M14 6YZ Outdoor 1892-1949 Cinder [6] [5][12] [82][105][389][496]
Outdoor 1949-1994 Concrete
Heywood Cricket Ground Pot Hall Wilton Grove OL10 2AA Outdoor 1883-1912 Grass [543]
Heywood Phoenix Ground Shepherd Street OL10 1JW Outdoor 1870-1899 Cinder
Hyde Road Stadium Hyde Road M12 5AQ Outdoor 1893-1923 Cinder [233][296][297]
Kersal Cricket Ground Moor Lane M7 3PZ Outdoor 1881-1892 Grass [201][479]
Longsight Cricket Club Kirmanshulme Road M12 4WF Outdoor 1869-1881 Grass
Manchester Racecourse Winnipeg Quay M50 3TY Outdoor 1887-1893 Cinder
Manchester Velodrome Stuart Street M11 4DQ Indoor 1994-present Wood
Moston Park Grounds Chadderton Mough Lane OL9 9PT Outdoor 1876-1880 Cinder [72][123][207][400]
Newton Heath Central Ten Acres Lane M40 2SP Outdoor 1889-1891 Cinder
Newton Heath Railway North Road M40 5BP Outdoor 1881-1890 Cinder
Pomona Gardens Pomona Strand M16 0TT Outdoor 1876-1887 Cinder [129][207]
Radcliffe the Old Racecourse Bolton Road M26 3RF Outdoor 1869-1906 Cinder
Royal Jubilee Exhibition Old Trafford M16 0RP Outdoor 1887 Grass [199]
Royal Oak Grounds Oldham Road Newton Heath M40 2BS Outdoor 1869-1871 Grass [480]
Sale Botanical Gardens Beaufort Road M33 3WR Outdoor 1878-1896 Cinder [76] [79] [82][150]
Weaste The Willows M5 5HF Outdoor 1904-1930 Cinder [82][328]
Mansfield Field Mill Quarry Lane NG18 5DA Outdoor 1886 - 1894 Grass
Forest Town Welfare Clipstone Road West NG19 0EE Outdoor 1908-2023 Asphalt [105][357]
Lees Lane Sports Ground Alfreton DE55 2AD Outdoor 1936-1937 Asphalt
Rawson’s Cricket Ground Great Central Road NG18 2HQ Outdoor 1873-1874 Grass [52][344]
Rufford Colliery Ground Rainworth NG21 0JR Outdoor 1925-1949 Asphalt [586]
Market Harborough Symington’s Recreation Ground St Mary's Road LE16 7DS Outdoor 1995 Grass
Maryport Solway BC track Mealpot Road CA15 6NE Outdoor 1883-1905 Cinder [76] [81][159][528]
Matlock Cricket Club Causeway Lane DE4 3AR Outdoor 1884-1907 Grass [212][390]
Old English Hotel Dale Road DE4 3LX Outdoor 1897-1914 Grass
Merthyr Tydfil Penydarren Park Park Terrace CF47 8RF Outdoor 1890 Cinder [115][169]
Mexborough Athletic Ground New Oxford Road S64 0JL Outdoor 1954 Grass [105]
Middlesbrough Ayresome Park The Midfield TS5 6BU Outdoor 1893 Grass [102][126]
Clairville Stadium Park Road South TS4 2RD Outdoor 1990 Asphalt
Grangetown Stadium Tees Dock Road TS6 7BH Outdoor 1892-1914 Cinder [22][59]
Hartlepool Friarage Field TS24 0UD Outdoor 1884 Grass
Ironopolis Football and Cricket Club Eston Road - South Bank TS6 6TY Outdoor 1883 Grass [126]
Lingdale Stanghow Road TS12 3ED Outdoor 1890 Cinder [41][397]
Linthorpe Road Clifton Street TS1 4BZ Outdoor 1878-1894 Grass [59][126]
Middlesbrough Velodrome Alan Peacock Way TS4 3AE Outdoor 2015-present Asphalt
North Ormesby Velodrome Thorrold Terrace TS3 6DR Outdoor 1936-1939 Wood
Paradise Grounds Milton Street TS5 6BU Outdoor 1891 Grass [99][102]
West Hartlepool Grange Road TS26 8JL Outdoor 1883-1890 Grass
Mildenhall Village Hall Woodland Road SN8 2LR Outdoor 1987-Present Grass
Milford Haven James William's field Nelson Quay SA73 3AF Outdoor 1889-1914 Grass [234]
Milton Keynes Bletchley Park Sherwood Drive MK3 6EB Outdoor 1907-1960 Grass [511]
Wolverton LNWR Sports Ground Wolverton Park MK12 5FP Outdoor 1885-1954 Asphalt [6] [90][105][271][347]
Much Wenlock Olympian Games - Linden Grounds The Crescent TF13 6JF Outdoor 1876-Present Grass [130][210][499][500]
Muirkirk Kameshill Holm sports ground Furnace Road KA18 3RE Outdoor 1889-1909 Cinder [279]
Musselburgh Mall Park Mall Avenue EH21 7BL Outdoor 1902-1905 Cinder [161]
Newfield football ground Fisherrow EH21 6HY Outdoor 1889-1899 Grass
Pinkie House Park Pinkie Road EH21 7LN Outdoor 1896-1922 Grass
Neath Gnoll Grounds Gnoll Park Road SA11 3QZ Outdoor 1903 Grass [235]
Onllwyn Welfare Ground Wembley Avenue SA10 9HL Outdoor 1943 Grass
Newcastle upon Tyne Bull Park Town Moor NE2 4QA Outdoor 1886 Grass [116]
Byker - Wallers Grounds Dalton Street NE6 1RW Outdoor 1881-1884 Cinder [76][116][125][147]
Cowgate McKendrick Villas NE5 3AB Outdoor 1939-1953 Cinder [486]
Eslington Park Hazel Road NE8 2EP Outdoor 1883-1886 Grass [13]
Fenham Park Grounds Fenham Hall Drive NE4 9BB Outdoor 1870-1872 Grass [52][116][368][472][473]
Gosforth Cycling Grounds Hollywood Avenue NE3 5BU Outdoor 1882-1929 Cinder [16] [31][147]
Heaton Bicycle and Recreation Grounds Freeman Road NE7 7AH Outdoor 1882 Grass [116]
Northumberland cricket ground Bath Road NE1 8JF Outdoor 1876 Grass [178]
Wallsend Balmoral Street NE28 8SF Outdoor 1880-1886 Grass [13][148][176]
Newport Abercarn Welfare Grounds Darren Drive NP11 5AR Outdoor 1934-1943 Grass
Athletic Grounds Rodney Road NP19 0UU Outdoor 1878 - 1903 Cinder [1][5][55][460][461]
Outdoor 1896-1900 Asphalt
Abercarn Cwncarn Hotel Newport Road NP11 7ND Outdoor 1891-1893 Grass
Cattle Market Pill Street NP20 2BH Outdoor 1875-1875 Grass
Newbridge Welfare Grounds Bridge Street NP11 5FR Outdoor 1945 Grass
Newport Velodrome Velodrome Way NP19 4RA Indoor 2003-present Wood
Newtonards NI Castlereagh Park Shore Road BT23 8NN Outdoor 1954 Cinder
Normanton Lock Lane Lock Lane WF6 2QJ Outdoor 1924 Grass [277]
Northampton Melbourne Grounds Weedon Road NN5 5BG Outdoor 1879-1920 Grass [10] [14] [91][177]
Victoria Grounds Poole Street NN1 3EX Outdoor 1877-1879 Grass [207]
County Grounds Abington Avenue NN1 4PR Outdoor 1901 Grass [210]
North Shields Cricket Field Borough Road NE29 6RQ Outdoor 1878-1895 Grass [55]
Cricket field Preston Road NE30 2BE Outdoor 1870-1883 Grass
North Shields Cycling Grounds Hawkey's Lane NE29 0PR Outdoor 1883- 1888 Cinder [4][17] [61] [62] [76] [98][147][312]
Northumberland Ashington Ellington Road NE63 8QG Outdoor 1886 Grass
Bebside Inn Front Street NE24 4HT Outdoor 1881-1883 Cinder
Bedlington Bolam Place NE22 5HH Outdoor 1881-1893 Grass [46]
Blyth public house Waterloo Road NE24 1BW Outdoor 1880-1885 Grass [46]
Burradon Recreation Grounds NE23 7PH Outdoor 1881- 1890 Cinder [46][116][148]
Cramlington High Pit NE23 6RA Outdoor 1882-1890 Cinder [148][150][167]
New Hartley St Michael's Avenue NE25 0RP Outdoor 1883-1893 Cinder [46]
Seaton Delavel Blyth Street NE25 0DY Outdoor 1887-1895 Cinder [46][397]
Season Delaval Astley Arms Foreman's Row NE25 0QG Outdoor 1891-1893 Grass [367]
Seghill Main Street South NE23 7SD Outdoor 1880-1890 Cinder [46]
Northwich Winnington Park Park Road CW8 4EB Outdoor 1877-1905 Cinder [484]
Norwich Chapel Field Chapelfield Road NR2 1TN Outdoor 1877-1879 Grass [184]
Cricket Club Newmarket Road NR2 2HT Outdoor 1869-1891 Grass [196][201][481]
East Dereham Cricket Ground Norwich Road NR20 3AS Outdoor 1907-1911 Grass
East Dereham Neatherd Road Near the Maltings NR19 2AF Outdoor 1895-1910 Grass
East Dereham Quebec Grounds Quebec Road NR19 2QY Outdoor 1877-1895 Grass
East Dereham Recreation Ground London Road NR19 1AE Outdoor 1895-1907 Cinder
Lakenham Ground City Road NR1 3AR Outdoor 1879-1899 Grass [201]
Possibly The Firs Stadium Meadow Way NR6 6XU Outdoor 1886-1935 Cinder [7] [12] [53]
Recreation Ground Earlham Road NR2 3PD Outdoor 1891-1936 Cinder
Rifle Parade Ground Unthank Road NR2 1SJ Outdoor 1883 Grass
Nottingham Boots Athletic Ground Lady Bay Bridge NG2 5BA Outdoor 1900-1939 Grass
City Ground Pavilion Road NG2 5FJ Outdoor 1906-1941 Grass
Cricket Ground Glapton Road NG2 2FB Outdoor 1889-1892 Cinder [199]
Harvey Hadden Stadium Harvey Road NG8 4PB Outdoor 1959-1990 Asphalt [27]
Raleigh Sports Ground Old Coach Road NG8 1GR Outdoor 1927-1960 Cinder [119][194][489]
Trent Bridge Grounds Bridgford Road NG2 6AG Outdoor 1869-1914 Grass [55] [92][199]
Victoria Embankment Victoria Embankment NG2 2JG Outdoor 1949 Grass [266]
Nuneaton Newdegate Arms Ground Newdegate Street CV11 4EU Outdoor 1901-1908 Grass [128][210]
Oldham Borough Grounds Sunny Bank OL4 5BS Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Cricket ground Clarkesfield OL4 1NA Outdoor 1877-1889 Grass
Oldham Bicycle Grounds Honeywell Lane OL8 2JP Outdoor 1878-1880 Cinder [124][199]
Whitworth Football and Cricket Club Tong Lane OL12 8BA Outdoor 1877-1910 Cinder
Ollerton - Notts. Ollerton Colliery Blyth Road NG22 9DR Outdoor 1954-1955 Grass [105]
Oundle Cricket Field Milton Road PE8 4AG Outdoor 1883 Grass [4] [73]
Oxford Iffley Grounds Iffley Road OX4 1EQ Outdoor 1877-1910 Cinder [28] [61][463]
Morris Sports Ground - Cowley Crescent Road OX4 2NX Outdoor 1932 Grass
Paignton Esplanade Hotel Esplanade Road TQ4 6BG Outdoor 1883-1894 Cinder [6] [16] [61]
Paisley Westmarch Ground (St Mirren) Greenhill Road PA3 1RU Outdoor 1882-1886 Grass [86][150][201]
Penzance Cricket Field High Street TR18 2SU Outdoor 1886-1905 Grass [201]
Perth Perth Amateur Cycling Club St Catherines Place PH1 5XA Outdoor 1886-1887 Cinder [487]
St Johnstone Recreation Ground Edinburgh Road PH2 8AR Outdoor 1888-1899 Cinder
Peterborough Embankment Sports and Athletics Arena Bishops Road PE1 5BW Outdoor 2017-Present Grass
Peterborough Town Cricket Club Stanley Road PE1 1SZ Outdoor 1897-1903 Grass [209]
South Bretton Sports Field Wallcot Walk PE3 9SH Outdoor 2012-Present Grass [106]
Plymouth Devonport Raglan Army Barracks Fore Street PL1 4DN Outdoor 1881-1891 Grass [293]
Home Park Mayflower Drive PL2 3DQ Outdoor 1880-1893 Grass
Parade grid of Royal Marine Barracks Durnford Street PL1 3QS Outdoor 1881 - 1891 Grass [32] [54][150][293]
Pontefract Cricket pitch Stuart Road WF8 4PQ Outdoor 1952-1955 Grass [105]
Pontypridd People’s Park Broadway CF37 1DB Outdoor 1891 Grass [236]
Taff Vale Park Broadway CF37 1BE Outdoor 1894-1909 Grass [1][115][113][168][237]
Ynysangharad Grounds Ynysangharad Park CF37 4DA Outdoor 1885 Grass [224][238]
Outdoor 1880 Cinder
Poole Poole Bicycle Club track Wimborne Road BH15 2BT Outdoor 1880-1881 Cinder [555]
Poole Park Track Sandbanks Road BH15 2SF Outdoor 1890-2023 Asphalt [105][352]
Poole Stadium Stadium Way BH15 2BP Outdoor 1934-1939 Asphalt
Portadown Cycle Track People’s Park BT62 1ED Outdoor 1952 Cinder [105][486]
Outdoor 1954 Asphalt
Portsmouth East Hants Cricket Ground Clarenden Road PO5 3SB Outdoor 1870-1875 Grass [124][129][207][506][507]
Outdoor 1875-1883 Cinder
Hilsea Copnar Road PO2 0UZ Outdoor 1884 Grass [229]
The Mountbatten Centre Alexandra Park - Stamshaw PO2 9QA Outdoor 1900-2023 Asphalt [105][508]
United Service Men’s Recreation Grounds Park Road PO1 2EJ Outdoor 1886 Grass [201]
Whale Island West Battery Road PO2 8ER Outdoor 1908 Grass
Preston North End Cricket ground Deepdale Road PR1 6RU Outdoor 1882 Grass [232][387]
Pleasure Gardens Farringdon Park PR1 5TR Outdoor 1878-1910 Grass [73] [81][137][416]
Ravensthorpe Savile Town Cricket Ground Savile Road WF12 9LR Outdoor 1895