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Bollington - Cricket Club : Image credit Bollington - The Happy Valley website Bollington Cricket Club was formed around 1885 and a ground at ‘Gnat Hole' was provided by Francis Greg JP. On Mr Greg's death in 1901, the Recreation Ground was bequeathed to the people of Bollington. Bollington cricket club was very successful before the First World War and the ground staged County cricket matches.

The Bollington Cricket Club held their sports at Whitsun each year starting in 1896 and the meeting came to be regarded as one of the most important amateur athletics meetings in the country. As well as running races, the sports included bicycle races from 1899.

The first bicycle race at Bollington was at the Bollington Cricket Club 4th Annual Sports on May 27th 1899 and there were two bicycle events, 1 and 2 miles handicap races. At the 1900 sports, a 3 miles handicap race was added to the program and there were 2,000 spectators.

The sports at Bollington were very successful, 1901 and 1902 were record years for entries and gate receipts. The number of spectators at the 1902 sports was estimated at 5,000 and gate money was £84. The bicycle races in 1902 included a 1 mile novice's event for which there were 43 entries, requiring 6 heats. There were 53 entries for the open 1 mile handicap race and 50 entries for the open 2 miles handicap race.

By 1904 the sports attracted 7,000 spectators and 450 entries. Alfred Shrubb, the greatest distance runner of the time, ran at the 1904 sports and won the 2 miles scratch running race.

The attendance at the 1907 sports reached a peak of 10,000 and at the meeting, F Stubbs of Salford won all three bicycle races. The sports retained their popularity but with reduced attendance. By the outbreak of the First World War, bicycle racing at Bollington had stopped.

Bollington Recreation Ground still exists and is managed by Cheshire East Council. The recreation ground has facilities for cricket, football, tennis, skateboarding and a bowling green.

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