Ashwell - Small Gains Lane

Station Road : SG7 5LT
In 2010, Cycle Club Ashwell obtained a 25 year lease for a 7 acre field in Ashwell village from a local couple Christopher and Christine Schlick, paying a peppercorn rent. The club now organise club and open races on the grass track, which also hosts rounds of the BCF National Grass Track Endurance League. described one of their grass track meetings:

"24th May 2016: The Ashwell at Home Spring Grass Track Endurance Meeting Track Cycling event took place recently at the Small Gains Lane Grass Track Cycling facility in Ashwell, United Kingdom. Riders from across the country travelled to the Grass Track Cycling event to do battle. Thank you to Max Pendleton and the excellent team of commissaries and volunteers for hosting yet another fantastic event."

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