Cambridge - Fenner's
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Cambridge - Fenner Cambridge - Fenner Fenner's is a cricket ground established by Francis Fenner in a former cherry orchard. The first reported use of Fenner's was in 1848 for a Police v Constables cricket match. The cricket pitch was surrounded by a 3 laps to the mile cinder athletics track until the 1950's and some bicycle racing took place here in the 1870's before the University bicycle path was constructed.

At a meeting of the Cambridge University Bicycle Club held on 25th March 1876, a Trinity student FL Dodds rode in the 20 miles scratch race. He lapped the whole field after four miles and won by four minutes in 1 hr 15 min 39 sec. The average speed of this ride is generally accepted as a world hour record as 15 miles 1,480 yards. In 1891 Dodds commented on his ride "In those dear old days, as you remember, we didn't think of records at all, but rode only for pleasure and real sport,' and this is no doubt strictly true."

Also in 1876, Ion Keith-Falconer won the Cambridge University CC 50-mile race at Fenner's On May 15th in a time of 3 hr 20 min 37sec.

There does not seem to have been any bicycle racing at Fenner's after the University track opened in 1877.

Fenner's is still the University cricket field and since 2010, has been the home ground of the Cambridge MCC University side which is a partnership between Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University and the MCC.

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