Carlisle - Show Field
Dacre Road : CA3 8UR
Bicycle races in Carlisle were first organised by the Border City Bicycle Club, probably from 1878, usually at Easter time. The 1881 meet was held on the Agricultural Show Field (CA3 8UR) on a cinder path, 6 laps to the mile. The attendance was four to five thousand.

In July 1880 George Waller erected his portable track, on the field, for a 6 day race. The boarded track was 178 yards around.

The later Border City BC race meets were on a cinder path in "Major Binning's field" off Catholic Lane (CA1 1LZ) which was also 6 laps to the mile. The 1881 event attracted "between four and five thousand persons". The West Cumberland Times of April 19th 1884 reported on "Carlisle Easter Bicycle Races" organised by Border City BC and the 6 events were watched by over 2,000 spectators. The 1886 event drew a record crowd.

There was a pause in bicycle racing in Carlisle for a few years until the newly formed Carlisle Cyclists Club put on a two day Easter meet in 1889. Again Major Binning's field was used.

From around 1899, Carlisle Amateur Cycling and Athletics Association organised a bicycle and athletics meetings which were run on grass, venue unknown. The events were usually ½, 1 and 3 miles scratch races with an attendance of about 4,000. No track racing activity is reported in Carlisle after 1900.

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