Carmarthen - Mansel Grounds
Picton Terrace : SA31 3BS
Carmarthen - Mansel Grounds : Map credit historic maps The Carmarthen amateur athletic sports and bicycle races were held regularly at Easter and Whit Monday on the cinder track at the Mansel Athletic Grounds from around 1881. The South Wales Weekly News of April 19th 1881 reported that "the Mansel Athletics Grounds have, since last year, been admirable levelled, and now contain a good bicycle track." The Easter meeting that year had five bicycle races from one to five miles in length.

The South Wales Weekly News of May 19th 1883 reported a crowd of 3,000 at the sports, the events were 2 miles amateur race, 1 mile open scratch race, 2 miles and 3 miles open handicap races. Other events were a 350 yards running race open only to workhouse children under 14 years of age, a one mile walking race and a two miles trotting race for ponies not exceeding 4 hands.

There was a record crowd and the track was in good condition for the 1891 Whit Monday sports event. The South Wales Daily News of May 19th 1891 reported "The great attraction of the day was Professor Shipley, the famous parachutist from South Shields, who made his thirty-first ascent on Monday, and who had been most successful in every attempt". The bicycle races were half mile open handicap, one mile, two miles and three miles handicap races. The Carmarthen Amateur CC also held their club one mile handicap race.

The Carmarthen Journal 23rd June 1893 reporting on the sports meeting held on the 22nd June commented on the Mansel track "This is the last occasion upon which the grounds will be the scene of such animation, as a syndicate has bought the place which is to be sold in plots for building purposes. The cinder track, not a very good one it must be confessed, but upon which many an exiting contest has been witnessed, will be demolished."

In 1894 the track was sold for development and houses were built at Picton Terrace.

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