Chester - Roodee
Nuns Road : CH1 2LY
The first bicycle race on the Roodee in Chester was held on the 27th June 1894 and was reported by the Chester Courant. "Between two and three thousand people were present on the Roodee to witness the first of a series of bicycle race meetings, held under the auspices of the Chester Cycling Club. On account of road racing being stamped out in Cheshire, the Chester club this season were forced to cut down the length of their competitions, and hold them on an enclosed track." The races were held on a grass track at the polo ground which was about 2 laps to the mile was specially made into an egg-shaped path. The races were a 1 mile handicap, run with two heats and a 2 miles handicap, won by the club champion JJP Galway off scratch in 6 min 20 sec.

Bicycle racing on the Roodee seemed short lived, there seems to be no further race reports there.

In 1896, Chester Cycling Club were using the track at Stanley (Liverpool). As there was no reasonable track in Chester, other venues such as Crewe Athletic Grounds and Rock Ferry near Birkenhead were used by the club.

The Roodee is a park area close to the centre of Chester on the banks of the river Dee. There is a racecourse around the park which is the world's oldest racecourse, founded in 1539. The polo club played on the Roodee, the club was disbanded after 1900.

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