Ballymena NI - Ballymena Cricket Club. Eaton Park
Broughshane Road : BT42 4HU
There is little information reporting cycle racing at Ballymena Cricket Club, Eaton Park. The results for a track meet do however appear in The Wheel World for 12th June 1884:

One Mile (Local) : 1) DC Woods [35yds] 2) J McNiece [45yds] 3) JC Mills [30yds] won easily, time 5m 10s

Three Miles : 1) J McCormack [210yds] 2) D McCaw [125yds] 3) JW Morley [80yds] won by 3ft. time, 13m 48s

Four Miles : 1) J McCormack [370yds] 2) D M'Caw [200yds] 3) JW Morley [120yds] won easily by 10yds time 17m

Two Miles : 1) JW Morley, [60yds] 2) D M'Caw [95yds] 3) J McCormack [140yds] won by 10yds. time, 8m 50s

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