Gateshead - Gateshead International Stadium
Neilson Road : NE10 0EF
The Gateshead Youth Stadium was built at a cost of £30,000 in 1955 on the site of an old chemical works. The stadium had an asphalt cycling track and a cinder running track.

The Gypsies Green track at South Shields, which was only 11 miles away, opened in 1957 and it was inevitable that there would have been competition between the two Tyneside tracks.

The Tyneside Track League, on Thursday evenings, was established soon after the track opened and the floodlights enabled the racing season to be extended. There was good support for the track league in 1957 and the 5 miles NCU (Newcastle) championships was held in 1958 during the track league. Training was also allowed on the track for two evenings a week.

Also in 1957, six Tyneside clubs held their championships at Gypsies Green, the rival track at South Shields. The event was so successful and the riders were so pleased with the South Shield track that the future of Gateshead Stadium for cycle racing seemed bleak.

The Tyneside Track League continued into the early 1960's, but in 1962 it was reported that there were just 40 competitors. In spite of attempts to keep cycle racing going at Gateshead, it seemed to fizzle out in the mid-1960's.

Gateshead Stadium is now a leading sports and athletics stadium. It is home to Gateshead FC, Gateshead Harriers Athletics Club, Gateshead Storm Rugby Club, and the Gateshead Angels Netball Club.

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