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Glasgow - Barrowfield Park : Map credit historic maps Glasgow - Barrowfield Park : Image credit Anent Scottish Running Barrowfield Park was the home of Clyde FC from 1877 to 1898. The ground is close to Celtic Park. The football ground held cycling and athletics race meets and had a concrete cycle track around the football pitch.

Sitting on the edge of Bridgeton, Barrowfield Park was leased by the club and lay at the end of Martin Street in a triangle of land enclosed by Carstairs Street, Colvend Street and the river Clyde. The area was an intense mix of chemical, engineering and textile works with a high population density to provide the labour. Maps of the time show the ground consisted of a grand stand running north-south, a pavilion and tennis courts at the southern end, and a bicycle track surrounding the pitch.

The grounds name would appear to originate from the historic Barrowfield estate which once occupied much of the surrounding area; there was also a large dye works of that name nearby.

In July 1888 Clyde FC laid out a grass track at Barrowfield, attracting 21 riders to race in a one mile handicap and 17 entries for a three mile competition. Over 3,000 paid to watch.

On 29th June 1891, Clyde FC held their Annual sports which featured "three cycle races - one mile solid tyre safety bicycle, one mile pneumatic tyre safety bicycle and three miles pneumatic tyre safety bicycle." The 1892 meeting suffered because the top cyclists were competing at Hampden Park.

Clyde left the stadium in 1898 for Shawfield just across the river Clyde and by the early 1900's the site has been redeveloped for industrial use. In 2020 it was derelict industrial land.

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