Grangemouth - Grangemouth Stadium
Kersiebank Avenue : FK3 0EE
Grangemouth - Grangemouth Stadium : Map credit historic maps Grangemouth - Grangemouth Stadium : Image credit Wiki Commons The Grangemouth Stadium was built in 1966, at a cost of £72,000, partly funded by BP. It was designed by the town's architects, Wilson & Wilson, and constructed by Chisholm contractors. There was a banked concrete cycle track 3½ laps to the mile with an all-weather running track within. The stand was tiered concrete seating with a capacity of 2,200 under a covered roof. Under the seating were changing rooms, showers, offices, a first aid station, cafeteria and toilet facilities.

When Grangemouth stadium opened, there was a series of track meetings where the Scottish track star Hector MacKenzie rode. The track league seemed to be a regular feature.

The stadium was opened four years before the Commonwealth Games took place in Edinburgh. The Birmingham Post of August 8th 1966 reported that Edinburgh had successfully bid for the 1970 Commonwealth Games and there would be "a concrete cycling bowl built at Grangemouth."

During the planning for the 1970 Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh Council argued that the cycling track events should be held at Grangemouth. In 1968, an inspector from the International Cycling Association stated that if Grangemouth were to hold the track events, the bankings needed to be elevated to a minimum of 28 degrees. This proved impossible in the time available, so Meadowbank stadium was built for the track events in Edinburgh, twenty miles from Grangemouth.

Meadowbank stadium was a much better track than Grangemouth and it attracted the big international meetings at the expense of Grangemouth. Eventually the track fell into disrepair, part of the bankings were demolished for a running sprint track and the cycle track was not used after 1999.

The photographs show the stadium under construction and a view of the banking with runners in the foreground. Photos of cycle racing on the track seem difficult to find.

The site has been developed into Grangemouth Sports Complex has a multi-sports hall and swimming pool.

Grangemouth - Grangemouth Stadium : Image credit Wiki Commons
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