Grimsby - Worsley Cricket Ground track
Wintringham Road : DN32 9QB
Grimsby - Worsley Cricket Ground track : Image credit Wiki Commons The Sporting Life of 12th July 1882 advertised the Worsley Cricket Club amateur sports meeting to be held at Hainton Street on July 29th, the event included a two miles bicycle handicap race on the club's grass track. This was the first time that bicycle track races had been run in Grimsby.

In 1884 it was reported that the track was in very poor condition and at the August meeting, fourteen competitors fell "and several of the machines were terribly smashed." On June 18th 1885 an evening meeting was held at the track and the Hull Packet commented that "the track had been relaid and otherwise improved". The meeting attracted 3,000 spectators and the bicycle races were run over one and two miles. The new grass track was 5 laps to the mile and 21 feet wide.

A new cinder track was opened at the cricket club with a meeting on 4th June 1887. This was a big event with lots of publicity and 6,000 spectators saw three specially invited American riders compete at the meeting. The track was 440 yards around and banked nine inches on the corners, the surface was however described as being very loose on the corners.

The track's popularity increased with many weekend and evening meetings and on 18th August 1888, they ran the NCU 25 miles championship (photo). JH Adam's of the Speedwell BC was the winner from H Synyer in 1hr 22s 3m.

The Grimsby Nautilus Cyclists Club was established in 1893 and quickly gained popularity, they ran a bicycle race meet on June 23rd 1894.

Bicycle racing seemed to have stopped at the track after 1894.

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