Grimsby - Blundell Park
Grimsby Road : DN35 7PY
Blundell Park was built in 1899 as the home of Grimsby FC and the first bicycle race there was organised by Grimsby CC on 24th July 1903, it was the first bicycle racing in the Grimsby area for several years following the death of Mat Brown whilst racing on the Grimsby Boulevard track in 1896. The events included ½ and 1 mile races.

Strangely it was to be 7 years before another bicycle race was held at Blundell Park when Grimsby Town FC organised an athletics sports meet on Bank Holiday August 1st 1910 which included three bicycle races. In 1912 the meeting was abandoned because of 36 hours of rain. Previous two years meetings coincided with strikes and bad weather, resulting in Grimsby Charity Sports losing around £200 in the three years up to 1912. This seems to have been the death knoll for bicycle racing at Blundell Park.

Grimsby FC continue to play at Blundell Park.

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