Guildford - Shalford Park
Woodbridge Road : GU1 4RP
Guildford - Shalford Park : Map credit National Library of Scotland Guildford - Shalford Park : Image credit The Guildford Institute Shalford Park was the grounds of Shalford House, which was owned by Harvey Haversham Godwin-Austen.

The park hosted the Southern Counties' Cyclist Camp in 1886, which was a large gathering of cyclist from all over the country, who camped out in the ground and amused themselves for a week. The Guildford Institute describes the event "The camp took place from 30 July to 5 August in Shalford Park, with races held at the cricket ground in Woodbridge Road. Many thousands went along to view the spectacle, and an array of additional entertainments and activities were provided to cater for them. The races consisted of six laps of the ground, with categories for tricycles, tandems and the ‘high ordinary bicycle' - better known as the Penny Farthing.

The 1886 Guildford camp was so popular that it was repeated the following year on an even grander scale. The Cyclists' Camp was first held in 1884 and moved around, usually staying two years at each site. After the Shalford Park camps, the 1888 camp was held in Busbridge Park, Godalming.

There was no bicycle racing at Shalford Park, but it has been included because of the racing at the nearby Guildford cricket club.

Shalford House was sold in 1888 and was subsequently acquired by Guildford Borough Council to protect the land from development. Shalford House was demolished in 1955, but the twenty acre Shalford Park is still in use.

Guildford - Shalford Park : Image credit The Guildford Institute Guildford - Shalford Park : Image credit The Guildford Institute
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