Beeston - Cricket Ground
Station Road : NG9 2ND
Beeston - Cricket Ground : Map credit National Library of Scotland Bicycle racing took place on the cricket ground situated off Station Road, immediately beside Beeston Station. The circular track was 400 yards around and presumably grass. The Beeston Cricket Club held annual sports days from 1882 and bicycle racing was always featured along with running races. Attendance was usually reported as ‘very large' and the events attracted cycling from all over the North and Midlands. The bicycle events were typical of the day, the most popular being 1 and 2 miles handicap races which were well subscribed, needing heats and a final.

At the 1899 Athletic Sports meeting, The Sporting Life of 19th June 1899 reports "an innovation was made in the shape of motor cycle races, the first held in the district, and these events were exceedingly popular."

At the last reported meeting in 1905, prizes to a value of £100 were on offer, but there were less bicycle events than normal. The old maps from 1914 onwards show that the cricket ground disappeared. The Beeston Business Park now occupies the site.

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