Jarrow - Jarrow Cricket Club
Park Road : NE32 5JP
The first bicycle racing at the ground was on August 17th 1881, when 1 mile and 2 miles bicycle handicap races were run for club members on the cinder track. Admission was 3d.

The Jarrow Cricket Club and Athletic Sports meeting was held on May 6th 1883, with bicycle races over one mile and four miles. The cricket club sports became a successful annual event, with bicycle racing each year.

Jarrow Amateur Bicycle Club was formed in 1883 and started holding a series of club handicap races at the cricket ground the following year. Their first open meeting was on June 21st 1884 with the following bicycle races: 1 mile amateur handicap, 1 mile local handicap, 2 miles invitation scratch and a 2 miles professional handicap. There was a good crowd of 3,000.

In 1887, the Jarrow ABC were in dispute with the track owner and did not run their events there. The following year, the dispute was settled and racing resumed.

There was a match race series on Whit Monday 1888 between the American rider W Knapp and James Fleetwood of Percy Main, for £25 a side. The match required both riders to compete in three heats of one mile each at intervals of fifteen minutes. The rider winning two races would be victorious. In the race, Fleetwood won the first and third race. The Jarrow ABC held a two day meeting on July 7th 1888 with 160 competitors and a crowd of 2,000. The races included both amateur and professional events.

The Jarrow Cricket Club held their annual sports on September 6th 1890. In the half mile invitation handicap, pneumatic tyre machines were penalised 25 yards. The other bicycle event was a one mile amateur handicap race. This was to be the last bicycle race at the ground as Jarrow ABC could not agree terms with the cricket club, so moved their sports in 1891 to the Blue House Field, Hendon, Sunderland at the invitation of Sunderland Cyclists Racing Club.

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