Belfast - Balmoral Park
Upper Lisburn Road : BT1 3NQ
Balmoral Park in Belfast is referenced by "Playing Pasts" web site which states that "In April 1899, Rosina Lane took part in women's races that were being held as part of a gala and ‘Olympian entertainment' held at Balmoral, Belfast in Northern Ireland where she represented England against three other women representing the ‘champions' of the home nations." She returned to Balmoral Park in August 1902 "racing in several short races and providing a three-mile exhibition race".

The Northern Whig, reported of a women's ‘world championships' race taking place in Balmoral, in August 1901 as part of a cycling and pedestrian display, but stated that the small crowd was disappointed with the event. Only five women participated with a sixth pulling out due to illness.

Balmoral Showgrounds is located near the local Balmoral station and an old map of the area shows a trotting track next to it. Either of these could have been where the racing took place or it may have been a portable track.

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