Berwick on Tweed - Shielfield Park
Etal Road : TD15 2EF
Berwick on Tweed - Shielfield Park : Image credit Nigel Brown Berwick Rangers FC played at Pier Field (where bicycle racing was held) until 1890 when they moved because the rent was too high. Shiel Dods, a benefactor of the football club, offered them a ground which became known as Shielfield. There were plans to construct a cycle track at Shielfield in 1894 but the plan seems to have come to nothing.

Bicycle races do not seem to have taken place at Shielfield before the 1950's, which coincides with the downturn of bicycle events at Pier Field. Tweedside Cycle and Athletics Club organised annual sports at Shielfield through the 1950's and the events attracted top class riders. In 1954 event on the grass track saw Derek Johnson attack the British ¼ mile record on the track described as "ideal".

At the 1957 annual sports, the track was described as "soft" and Nev Tong the British ½ mile champion rode at the meeting and won the 3 mile scratch event.

Shielfield Park still exists, Berwick Rangers play at a new stadium next door to the old ground.

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Photos : Nigel Brown