Glasgow - Bellahouston Park
Bellahouston Drive : G52 1JL
Glasgow - Bellahouston Park : Image credit Google maps Bellahouston Park is a large 169 acre park in Glasgow. The park opened in 1896 and the Empire Exhibition was held there in 1938 which attracted 12.5 million visitors. In 1996 Charles Rennie Mackintosh's House for an Art Lover was built from original drawings of 1901, this is now a visual arts centre.

The Bellahouston Park community cycle track was constructed in 2006 and is a 420 metres asphalt track with a very shallow 7 degree banking. Some cyclists do train on the track but it is not suitable for racing. A contributor to the Bike Radar forum explains "The banking is almost non-existent, it's measured in mm rather than meters and the council in their wisdom put kerbstones around the inside making it ineligible for any kind of competitive racing as it's just plain dangerous. It appears the council ignored the advice and comments of the cycling clubs in Glasgow and tried to make the track all things to all men and satisfied no one, especially the cycling community." An additional hazard to cyclists on the track are rollers skaters who also use and train on the track.

This video shows a lap around the cycle track.

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