London - Ealing - The Green Man
64 Broadway : W13 0SU
London - Ealing - The Green Man : Map credit National Library of Scotland The Green Man was an old coaching inn with stabling for over 100 horses. The inn was on the main Uxbridge Road to Oxford and it had a large cricket field behind it, with a cinder track around the cricket pitch. The ground was managed by Mr J Parkes, the landlord of the Green Man and the ground was used for cricket and football matches, tennis, athletics and bicycle racing. Bell's Life in their June 21st 1879 issue, described the track as a "splendid cinder path (419 yards in circumference).

The Wigmore A & CC held their 4th annual sports meeting at the Green Man on 11th September 1886. The club was associated with Benham and Sons, engineers of Wigmore Street. There were fifteen events, which included one bicycle race, over two miles. The Wigmore sports ran through to 1889, but by then, the bicycle race had been dropped.

St Mary's Hospital also held their sports at the Green Man, but the ground was used more for cricket and running rather than bicycle racing. Blackheath Harriers and Ranelagh Harrier held athletics meetings there.

By 1910, a school had been built on the Green Man grounds, and later a police court was added. The Green Man was damaged in the Second World War and was rebuilt 40 yards away in the 1950's. The inn was demolished in 1981 for development. There is now an Iceland store on the site of the old Green Man.

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