London - Plumstead - Sportsman Running Ground
Western Way : SE28 0FJ
The Sportsman Ground on Plumstead Marshes was named after the nearby Sportsman pub. It was well known as a running ground but also hosted bicycle races. The Ground was a few hundred yards north of the Manor Ground and next door to a pig farm run by ‘piggy' Walton.

The Wheel World September 1880 gives the results of the Invicta BC club event at Plumstead Sportsman Grounds. The races were a one mile club handicap race and a five miles club handicap. Both races were won by long marker A McQueen. There seems to have been very little bicycle racing at the Sportsman, presumably the nearby Manor Field and Invicta tracks were more popular.

Arsenal played at the Sportsman Ground from 1887 but the site suffered from flooding, so they moved the following year to Manor Field which was just a few hundred yards away.

The Sportsman ground was situated where HM Prison Thameside currently stands.

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