Scarborough - Cricket Ground
North Marine Road : YO12 7HT
Scarborough - Cricket Ground : Map credit National Library of Scotland Scarborough - Cricket Ground : Image credit Historic England Cricket has been played at the Scarborough cricket gound, originally known as Jackson's field, since 1863. The ground was first used by the Yorkshire county cricket team in 1878 and football was played there from 1880.

The first bicycle race in Scarborough was a ten miles road race on August 2nd 1869, which attracted nine riders. The race was organised by MT Whittaker, who was a cycle dealer in Scarborough who made the ‘Scarborough Bicycle'.

The first track race on the cricket ground was the two day Scarborough Athletic Sports meeting which was first held on July 31st 1874 and a one mile bicycle race was included, won by AH Mackereth of Scarborough CC. The sports became an annual event and the following year, the one mile bicycle race was won by T Brown of Snainton CC. During the meeting the popular Mr S Colbert discharged "a number of exceedingly grotesque balloons from the field" and Pritchard's string band played inspirational music. The Athletic Sports continued through the 1870s but bicycle races were seldom included.

In 1888, the new Recreation Ground opened in Scarborough and bicycle races moved there. Only a few bicycle meetings did take place at the cricket field after 1900, these included the Scarborough and District Cycling Club sports meeting on June 19th 1907 and the Scarborough CC annual sports on June 16th 1909, which featured half, one and two miles bicycle handicap races. There does not appear to be any further bicycle racing at the cricket ground after this.

The ground is the home of Scarborough Cricket Club and is a regular venue for county cricket games. The Scarborough Cricket Festival has been held annually since 1876, it is now a ten day cricket event at the ground.

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