London - Staines greyhound track
Bell Weir Park : TW19 6HG
London - Staines greyhound track : Image credit Wiki Commons London - Staines greyhound track : Image credit Wiki Commons Staines Greyhound track opened on 21 January 1928. As well as greyhound racing, the track tried several different types of entertainment. Cheetah racing was tried in 1937, twelve cheetahs were imported, but they would not race each other and were too fast to race against dogs. In 1938, a motorcycle rodeo was tried and stockcars in 1950.

An experimental bicycle track race meeting was held on April 15th 1950, which included top riders such as Reg Harris (World Professional Sprint Champion 1950), Arie Van Vliet (world Champion 1948), Sid Patterson (Australia Champion), Jackie Hyde (USA Champion), Keith Reynolds and Alan Banister (British Amateur Sprint Champion). This seems to have been the only bicycle racing that took place on the greyhound track.

The track closed in 1960 and the site is now covered by a section of the M25.

London - Staines greyhound track : Map credit National Library of Scotland
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