Birkenhead - New Ferry
New Ferry Road : CH62 1DD
The New Ferry track opened in 1883, it was a 400 yards cinder track with some banking on the corners. The Wirral Bicycle Club held an athletics meeting on 30th June 1883 which feature 1 and 2 miles bicycle handicap races and a 1 mile race for Wirral BC members.

The Athletic News of 22nd September 1885 commented that "the New Ferry track is the only one now left in the Liverpool District suitable for bicycling purposes. It is 4 laps to the mile, rather narrow, while the corners are sharp and not sufficiently banked up." The 1885 meet attracted 170 entries and a crowd of 2,000 to 3,000, but the track was described as a "stiff and uneven course". The 1886 meeting organised by the Birkenhead Amateur Bicycle Club had an even bigger crowd of 4,000.

In 1900 a Medical Charity Sports meeting was held, the bicycle racing was good but the event made a loss of £70 because of the poor attendance.

There is some confusion about track venues in the Rock Ferry/New Ferry area. The old maps of 1890 show a track at New Ferry on New Ferry Road (CH62 1DD) and this is undoubtedly where most, if not all the meetings in this area took place. Some reports place events in Derby House Park, Derby House is the old seat of the Minshull family and had extensive parkland in the Rock Ferry area. It is possible that the New Ferry track was described as Derby House Park. To complicate matters further, old maps of 1880 show an oval track in central Rock Ferry (CH42 2AT) by the side of the railway station on Bedford Road. It is not known if this track was used for bicycle racing.

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