Long Eaton - Recreation Ground
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Long Eaton - Recreation Ground : Map credit Old-Maps.co.uk historic maps Long Eaton - Recreation Ground : Image credit Wiki Commons A Grand Fete and Athletic Sports was held in "Mr Marlow's field" on June 30th 1883 which included one mile and three miles bicycle races.

A history of Derbyshire states "The Long Eaton Recreation Grounds Co., Ltd., have about thirteen acres of land enclosed for recreation purposes, football, cricket, bowling, tennis, &c. There is a good cycling track, 2½ laps to the mile. "

The Long Eaton Recreation Grounds opened June 27th 1885 with sports meeting organised by the Long Eaton Athletic Society. The meeting included the following handicap races; 1 mile bicycle, 1 mile tricycle and 2 miles safety bicycle.

The pantomime performers from the Nottingham Theatre Royal held their sports on the 17th February 1887 on the cinder path at the Recreation Ground. The fun event was held on a half day holiday, which ensured a large crowd. There was a mile bicycle race and a one mile tricycle race.

The Long Eaton Athletic Sports was held on the 4th June 1887, with the following bicycle races; 1 mile bicycle handicap, 1 mile tricycle handicap, 2 miles safety bicycle handicap, 2 miles bicycle handicap and a 2 miles tandem handicap race.

The "Great Cycling Tournament of July 16th 1887 attracted top riders and a full program of cycling saw H Synyer win the 5 miles scratch race. Also in 1887 there was a "Great International Cycling Tournament" with visiting American professional cyclists and "Temple" the trick cyclist.

Five of the top American women professional track racing cyclists toured Britain for four months from September 1889 to January 1890, and they raced at Long Eaton on 8th October 1889. The women were Louise Armaindo, Lottie Stanley, Jessie Woods, May Allen and Lillie Williams. The weather was poor and the track was heavy and slow. The first event was a ¼ mile handicap won by Armaindo off scratch, quite easily. Next was a ½ mile handicap in which Williams, off 30 yards, held off and increased her lead over Stanley. The 1 mile handicap was won by Armaindo. The final event was a 10 miles scratch race for the ‘Lady Championship of England' which was again won by Armaindo.

The Badminton Library of 1896 describes the Long Eaton track "of irregular measurement; about 2½ laps to the mile. Square with four heavily banked corners; was very fast and highly popular a few seasons back; has materially retrograded since the opening of Paddington. Dressing accommodation &c. good; but the track is far away, and is not likely to regain its popularity with record makers."

The track was in use through the 1890's but less regularly, Ilkeston had its own Manor Ground track by this time. Bicycle racing seems to have stopped on the Recreation Ground after 1900.

The original Recreation Ground was demolished in 1928 and a 460 yards cinder track for speedway was installed in 1929. Greyhound racing was also held there.

The track closed in the 1990's and after the grandstand burnt down the stadium became derelict. It was sold in 2010 and housing was built there, now the Speedway Close area.

Long Eaton - Recreation Ground : Image credit Cycling magazine
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