Malvern - Cricket Field
Barnard's Field Road : WR14 2NN
The Great Western sports were held at the Agricultural Show Ground on August 25th 1884 and included a parade of bicycles and tricycles with a prize for the best machine on the field, ridden by its owner. There was also a one mile bicycle handicap race.

The Malvern Cricket Club set up a new ground in 1891, which had a banked grass bicycle track.

The Malvern Athletic Sports were held at the cricket ground from 1897. The meeting on July 14th 1900 included three bicycle events, which were half, one and three miles open handicap races and a one mile club race. There was also a bicycle polo match.

At the 1901 sports there was a dead heat for second place in the one mile race. The dead-heaters, AJ Stokes of the Coventry Godiva and F Deeley of Birmingham tossed for the prize. Lemon cutting was listed as one of the sports events.

The last Malvern Athletic Sports at the cricket ground seems to have been in 1908.

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