Mansfield - Field Mill
Quarry Lane : NG18 5DA
Herbert Greenhalgh set up a cotton mill in Mansfield and leased Field Mill on Quarry Lane in the 1840's. Greenhalgh's set up a cricket field just across the lane from the mill. Field mill cricket field was used by football teams such as Field Mill FC, Mansfield Greenhalgh and Mansfield Mechanics and also for cricket in the late 1800's.

The first bicycle racing at Field Mill was the Mansfield FC athletic sports which were held on 11th July 1876 at the Greenhalgh's cricket field with ‘a very good attendance of spectators.' The track was 8 laps to the mile with two sharp corners. The two bicycle events were a one mile open race and a two miles handicap.

Greenhalgh and Sons cricket club held a sports meeting on Thursday 11th July 1878 at the club's ground near the Field Mill. The grass track was again ‘around 8 laps to the mile'. The bicycle races were a 1 mile open handicap for a silver cup given by Simpsons the makers of Defiance bicycles and a 2 miles open handicap race. In 1879 they introduced a 1 mile handicap race restricted to riders on Simpson machines and a 1 mile race for boys less than 17 years of age.

The 14th annual Greenhalgh sports were held on 10th July 1886 and H Synyer of the Boulevard BC came second in the 1 mile handicap off scratch.

Field Mill was used for football and cricket until the 1900's when Mansfield Town FC rented and improved the ground in 1919. In the 1930's Field Mill was also used for greyhound racing. Field Mill is still the home of Mansfield Town FC and is currently called One Call Stadium.

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