Rotherham - Rotherham cricket club
Clifton Lane : S65 2AH
Rotherham - Rotherham cricket club : Map credit National Library of Scotland Rotherham - Rotherham cricket club : Image credit Rotherham Business News Clifton Lane was the home of Rotherham Cricket Club, who held annual sports meetings there from the 1860's. It was not until 1901 that bicycle races were included in the sports. The bicycle races were held on a grass track.

Rotherham Town Cricket Club held their 3rd annual sports on July 13th 1901 with Kimberworth Cycling Club and drew a crowd of 5,000 to 6,000. There were several bicycle events; ½ and 1 mile club races, ½ mile novices, 1 and 2 miles open handicap races.

The workmen of Rotherham held their tenth annual sports at Clifton Lane on June 6th 1908. There were three bicycle races, including a one mile invitation scratch race. In this race there was no time limit and "the heats resolved themselves into a crawl, affording ample opportunity for humorous sarcasm on the part of the spectators, until the last lap."

Rotherham Wheelers CC and Rotherham Town FC held their first annual sports on September 10th 1921 with ½ and 1 mile open handicap races, a ½ mile club race and a 1 mile invitation scratch. This was probably the last bicycle racing at Clifton Lane.

Clifton Lane is still the home of Rotherham Town Cricket Club and is also the home ground of Rotherham Titans professional rugby union team.

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