Middlesbrough - Clairville Stadium
Park Road South : TS4 2RD
Middlesbrough - Clairville Stadium : Image credit Wiki Commons Middlesbrough - Clairville Stadium : Image credit Inostalgia Cleveland County Stadium was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on July 26, 1963 and had a 455 metre tarmac cycle track, banked to 21 degrees, with a running track inside.

Clairville held quite a few prestigious events in the 1980's; it was one of the venues for the National Sprint League series in 1986. Brian Cossavella organised the Cleveland County Cycling Grand Prix a 2 day meeting which was held for several years from the late 1980's and attracted top class riders.

The stadium was upgraded in 1990 and renamed Clairville Stadium. The World Junior Championships was held there in 1990 but unfortunately an eighteen year old Canadian cyclist, Arvada Geldsetzer, was killed in a freak accident during training.

North East Divisional Pursuit, Sprint and 20k scratch track titles were held at Clairville in the early 2000s. There was also a Track League program.

In 2004 Middlesbrough Council prepared a report on the state of the stadium. The cycle track needed to be re-surfaced with tarmac at a cost of £160k and the running track needed re-laying at a cost of £ 76,324. In the 2004 season there were 20 athletic meetings booked, but no competitive cycling events. The Council agreed to authorise an application to the Community Club Cycling Development Fund (CCCDF) for £220k to improve the cycle track.

The stadium needed upgrading and was under-used and the improvement work was not carried out. Clairville Stadium closed at the end of October 2015 and 153 houses were built on the site. A new £18m Middlesbrough Sports Village was opened in 2014. Part of this facility is the new Middlesbrough velodrome which opened in 2015.

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