Aberdeen - Linksfield Stadium
Linksfield Road : AB24 5RU
Linksfield Stadium was opened on the first of January 1940, it had a rugby pitch which hosted international rugby games from 1947 until 1973. There was cinder track around the pitch which was used principally for running, but was also used for bicycle races. At the opening of Linksfield Stadium, it was reported that "six cyclists were injured during a race and one bicycle damaged on the cinder track. When the council received four letters asking for compensation, they decided to make ex-gratia payments of 5 guineas to three of them and 10 guineas to the one whose bike was damaged."

Track racing was held at Linksfield through the 1940's and 50's and Cycling Weekly reports the results of the Aberdeen Corporation Sports meeting in August 1949 at which the One mile Scottish Championship was decided, J McKenzie of Douglas CC beating F Smith, Brodsworth CC for the title.

A member of Deeside Thistle Cycling Club remembers Linksfield "Another element of cycling in Aberdeen in those days was track cycling at the old Linksfield stadium on summer evenings. This was definitely not a velodrome. The track was a cinder running track with no banking. There were iron railings adjacent. Health and safety hadn't been invented - but it always looked like a serious accident about to happen! "

Linksfield Stadium seems to have fallen out of use as a cycle track, but the running track remained popular and was renamed the Chris Anderson Stadium in 1988 and is now part of the Aberdeen Sports Village.

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