Birmingham - Bromsgrove
Address unknown : B61 8DA
The Bromsgrove Cycling Club Annual Sports meetings started in 1897, they were held at a variety of locations, on grass tracks. The 1899 meet was at the Recreation Ground, "the track...was greatly improved compared to the year before, by constant rolling and watering". The bicycle races were ½, 1 and 2 miles scratch, 1 mile club race and 1 mile local (5 mile radius). The attendance was 4,000.

The 1901 meet was held on a grass track at the Cricket Ground in front of a crowd of 4,000 people. The 1903 annual sports were held in the Old Horse Show Field on the New Road. "The track is four laps to the mile, said to be one of the finest in the Midlands, and will be specially prepared by stream-roller". The events included ½, 1 and 2 miles handicap races and 1 mile scratch and the attendance was 6,000.

In 1904, the Bromsgrove, Droitwich and Redditch Weekly Messenger of March 26th 1904 advertised a sports meeting at the New Rose and Crown, Bromsgrove Lickey which included two bicycle races.

1909 Bromsgrove & District CC sports was held "in a field on the Birmingham Road, right in the heart of town" which was rolled for a week before the event. The big race was the 1 mile handicap race for the Finstall Challenge Cup and a 6 guinea prize, which attracted 32 entries. The attendance was 4,000.

The last sports meeting recorded appears to be in 1910. The various locations used for the annual sports meetings in Bromsgrove were:

1898,9 Recreation Ground

1901 Cricket Field, Stourbridge Street BD61 8DA

1902-1904 Old Horse Show Field

1909 Field on the Birmingham Road

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