Middlesbrough - West Hartlepool

Grange Road : TS26 8JL
The track at West Hartlepool was known as Hill's bicycle track. The Middlesbrough Daily Gazette of the 20th August 1883 reported that "A series of sports came off on Saturday last on the West Hartlepool bicycle track in which GW Waller (long distance champion) and JW Lamb (short distance champion) came together," After some amateur races the principal feature was a ten miles race between Waller and Lamb for prizes £15 first and £5 second. In a closely fought race, Waller won by a yard in 32 minutes.

Waller was at this time putting on 6 day races with his portable track, and in October 1883 the marquee and track were erected in Albert Road Middlesbrough.

The Whitsun 1884 meeting of West Hartlepool Bicycle Club was held at the Hart Road Grounds. The cycle races were spread over two days.

The Middlesbrough Daily Gazette carried an advert for the "Grand opening of the West Hartlepool Athletic Club's Bicycle track, Saturday April 5th and Easter Monday (1890)." Also in 1890 there was a 10 miles match race for £5 a side between J Flanagan of Wallsend and W Taylor of West Hartlepool,

A 6 hour team contest was held at Hill's Cycling Ground on the 23rd July 1892 organised by the Hartlepool Social Cycling Club. The track was 4 laps to the mile and all competitors used pneumatics.

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