Muirkirk - Kameshill Holm sports ground
Furnace Road : KA18 3RE
The Muirkirk sports cycle track was opened in 1898, it was built around a football pitch. The Scottish Cycling Authority did not approve of the track initially and the banking had to be raised. The local cycling club was Muirkirk Cycling Club.

The sports field was next to the slag heap of William Baird ironworks and in 1909 Baird's announced that this would be the last year the Holm Park would be available for sports, as the site was required for the depositing of slag. That August, there was a large crowd for the last Muirkirk Sports to be held at Kameshill Holm. The cycling events were : ½ mile and 1 mile handicap races, 1 mile (confined) [presumably locals] and a consolation race.

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