Northumberland - Bedlington
Bolam Place : NE22 5HH
Northumberland - Bedlington : Map credit historic maps Northumberland - Bedlington : The Morpeth Herald of June 18th 1881 reported on the Bedlington Colliery Bicycle Club meeting which was held on their track at the colliery, "which is eight laps to the mile....there was a large attendance of spectators". The event was a 2 miles handicap race with five heats. In May 1884 the club held another meeting on the colliery track.

The 30th July 1892 edition of The Blyth Weekly News reported that the Bedlington Aerial Club celebrated the opening of their new cycling grounds with a 1 mile handicap race confined to members. The report says "The track is situated in a field close to the pit at Bedlington owned by the colliery, and is used as a recreation ground by the miners. The track, which is six laps to the mile and eighteen feet wide, has been laid by the members and a few friends". The club was not allowed to rail in the track, "which will necessitate the constant attention of the committee".

The Morpeth Herald of 27th August 1892 reported on the opening of the Bedlington Recreation Grounds bicycle track, which was financially supported by the Bedlington Coal Co. It was noted that "drinking and gambling will be strictly prohibited".

On 24th September 1892 a professional track meeting was held on the "Bedlington Station Recreation Grounds", it was stated that "a capital cycling track has been made, covering a distance of nearly a quarter of a mile."

In 1893 the Bedlington Aerial Club held another meeting but the event was reported as "run off on their new track, Doctor Terrace, Bedlington before 600 spectators".

A track at Doctor Terrace (now Court Road) can be seen on 1890's maps but not after 1920.

The Bedlington Recreation Grounds track can be seen clearly on the old maps of 1880 and later but the track has disappeared by the 1920's and replaced by housing, around Bolam Place.

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