Northumberland - Blyth Cricket Club
Blagden Terrace : NE24 3PB
In 1883, Sir MW Ridley provided the newly formed Blyth Cricket Club with a large field opposite Blagden Terrace on Blyth Links. The club set up a new ground with a large, square cricket pitch, two lawn tennis courts, a running track and a small 11 laps to the mile bicycle track.

The ground opened on Whit Monday 1884, when the club held a two day athletic fete which included bicycle, running and walking races, quoits and field events. The first days attendance was 1,300 and there was a one mile handicap bicycle race with eight entries. On the next day there was a five miles handicap race with seven entries. There was a boneshaker race, but there were no entries for this. The fete was repeated the following year with a two miles professional handicap race, but this was cancelled due to wet weather.

The Athletic fete in 1886 was reduced to a single day and bicycle racing was not included. The Athletic fete was discontinued after this.

There was a large festival on Whit Monday and Tuesday 1892 on Blyth Cricket Ground and the Link, which include quarter and half mile bicycle handicap races. There was also foot racing, horse racing, wrestling, football dribbling and a tug of war. The attendance was over 7,000 who paid 3d or 6d entrance fee, and nearly £180 was taken at the gate and the event made a profit of £96.

Blyth Cricket Club moved to a new ground in Plessey Road around 1930. The old ground was near the Ridley Park Hotel on Wensleydale Terrace, which was demolished in 2012. The Cricket Club ground was developed for housing.

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