Northumberland - Cramlington
High Pit : NE23 6RA
Cramlington Amateur Bicycle Club was formed in 1876. Before the new cinder track existed, the Cramlington village sports bicycle races were held in 1881 in a field owned by Mr. John Tyzack.

A new cinder bicycle track at East Cramlington was set out in 1882 and The Sporting Life dated April 27th reported on the opening track meet there on April 22nd. "The ground was granted by the owners of the Cramlington Coal and Iron Company, and the track is eight laps to the mile and 15ft wide". The bicycle races consisted of a 1 mile handicap, ½ mile and 2 miles professional handicap and a 1 mile race between GW Waller (long distance champion of the world) and J Cleminson of Cramlington. Waller won by six yards.

In July 1882, the Burradon Bicycle Club held its annual race meeting on the track, described as "one of the finest in the North of England". A further meeting was held on the track in September 1882 which included a 10 miles professional handicap.

The Morpeth Herald 18th July 1885 reported that "Cramlington Bicycle Club Sports held their annual sports and gala in their enclosed cinder track near the High Pit".

In 1888 the Holywell Bates Amateur Bicycle Club held their sports with the bicycle events at High Pit. Interestingly, a press report says that the track "has been laid out by the committee of the Club and measures 6½ laps to the mile". Perhaps the track had deteriorated as the report continues "the committee intend to have the grounds enclosed in seven feet paling".

In 1890 Lottie Stanley a top woman rider from the USA appeared at the Cramlington track during her tour of the UK and she raced against male cyclists.

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