Northumberland - New Hartley
St Michael's Avenue : NE25 0RP
The Hartley Bicycle Club was formed in 1883 and The Sporting Life on July 13th 1883 described their new cinder track which opened on 7th July. "members of this newly formed club held their first annual race meeting on their splendid new track near New Hartley Colliery, in a field kindled granted by the Seaton Delaval Coal Company. The track has only been finished a few weeks, and is probably one of the best in the district, being eight laps to the mile, and almost a circle". The program was made up of a 2 miles amateur handicap (8 entries) and a 3 miles professional handicap (6 entries).

There was a race meeting on the track in 1893 organised by the Hastings Touring Club and the Lily Temperance Club. There was a 1 mile handicap race for "cushion tyred machines", which needed 12 heats.

There was bicycle racing on the track at New Hartley through the 1880's and into the 1890's. It seems that there was no bicycle racing on the track after this. The track is not shown on old maps.

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