Birmingham - Handsworth Grove Tavern Grounds
Grove Lane : B20 2HA
The Birmingham Daily Gazette of 19th September 1870 reports racing at the Grove Tavern. "On Saturday the final heats of Messrs. Corset and Norton's mile bicycle handicap for money prizes were run here, seven performers remaining from the preceding week". Four heats were run.

There were several match sprint races in 1871 for cash and presumably betting. There were many large running events, at the Whitsun meeting in 1872 the events were spread over two days.

In 1871 there was a 1 mile match race between Shaw and Perry for £10, "diameter of wheels unrestricted". The newspaper reports that 7 laps were ridden. Betting opened at even money. There was also race between a runner and a cyclist, the cyclist won. Betting was 5 to 4 on the runner.

The Grove Tavern Grounds were also known as the Grove Ground and Lozells St Paul's football team played on there.

The old map of 1890 shows a fairly circular track behind the Grove Tavern which was at the junction of Oxhill Road and Grove Lane. By 1904 the track had gone and the 1917 map shows a cricket ground there. The Grove Tavern still exists as The Grove Bar & Restaurant and part of the old track is the Grove car park and some houses have been built on the remainder of the track.

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