Northumberland - Seghill

Main Street South : NE23 7SD
The first mention on bicycle racing at Seghill was a 1 hour race, on 24th July 1880, for a prize of £5 10s. The racing took place in a field near Seghill Station which was lent by the colliery, the track was 10 laps to the mile. Later in the same year, the Seghill Flower Show featured bicycle racing, again with a 1 hour race on a 10 laps to the mile course. Also in 1880 there was a 2 hour race "in front of a large assemblage of spectators". The track this time was 12 laps to the mile.

There seem to be no further reports of racing at Seghill after this initial flurry of activity and in 1891, the Seghill Bicycle Club ran their club championships on the Ashington Recreation Grounds. The location of the track in Seghill is not known.

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