Nottingham - Cricket Ground
Glapton Road : NG2 2FB
This cinder track was the home of Notts Castle Bicycle Club and may have opened in 1889 when Synyer raced at the April 6th meeting organised by Nottingham Harriers. Synyer describes the track as the ‘Castle Ground' probably because it was the home of Notts Castle BC.

The Nottingham Evening Post of 26th Feb 1890 reported a special meeting of the Notts Castle Bicycle Club which had reached an agreement with the Notts Castle Cricket Club that the cricket club would "put the cycling track on their ground in such a condition that it should be rendered fit for racing purposes and to maintain the track in the same condition". They also negotiated access to the track for the cycling club on 12 alternate Monday evenings from April to September and the free use for an annual athletics meeting.

This seemed to ensure future racing on the cricket ground as Notts Castle Bicycle Club held Monday evening meetings on the track which, in 1890, attracted the leading local cyclists and crowds of up to 600 people.

Interestingly the Notts Castle BC held their club championships at Long Eaton Recreation Ground and Trent Bridge from 1893, so perhaps bicycle racing at the cricket ground stopped in 1892.

Notts County FC played here from 1880 to 1883.

The ground was developed in 1898 for the Great Central Railway.

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