Nottingham - Trent Bridge Grounds
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Nottingham - Trent Bridge Grounds : Map credit historic maps Nottingham - Trent Bridge Grounds : Image credit Wiki Commons Trent Bridge was first opened as a cricket ground in 1841 by William Clarke, the captain of the All England Cricket Team, his wife ran the Trent Bridge Inn. Notts County Football Club played their important games at the ground from the 1860's. Nottingham Forest played here from 1880 to 1882 and Notts County from 1883 to 1910.

Bicycle racing at Trent Bridge started in 1869 and the track was probably Trent Bridge cricket ground. The Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express of May 18th 1869 reported on the Athletic Sports of the Notts Football Club on the Trent Bridge Ground which included a bicycle race. "The bicycle race was a decided novelty, and created great amusement. The winner, Mr Lambert, managed his vehicle in a very dexterous manner, and he was loudly cheered on reaching the winning post."

In 1871 the Nottingham Bicycle Club ran a one mile velocipede handicap race for a "valuable silver cup" on the Trent Bridge ground, there were six heats.

The Nottinghamshire Guardian of December 3rd 1875 reported that a bicycle race had taken place the previous Saturday afternoon when 200 spectators watched "the 10 miles bicycle match, for £50 a-side between Higham, of Nottingham and Rawson, of Derby. The course was partly over the turf and partly on the path, and a few inches over 992 yards round. To complete the distance the men had to traverse the course 17¾ times." Rawson was the winner by fifty yards in 30 min 58 sec.

By 1880, Notts Forest Football Club were running their athletics meetings, which included a one mile bicycle handicap race. The Nottingham Bicycle Club had started to run their annual track meeting, attracting around 2,000 spectators, with prizes presented by manufacturers Humber and Marriott and Cooper.

The Football Club sports were still going strong in 1890, attracting around 12,000 spectators. There were four bicycle races with the local ‘crack' H Synyer winning the half mile handicap race. In 1887, Synyer described the Trent Bridge ground as a 4 laps to the mile grass track.

The long running Nottingham Forest FC sports were held for the 43rd year in 1912 in front of a crowd of 10,000 people and included a ½ mile bicycle handicap race.

Bicycle racing seemed to have disappeared from Trent Bridge by 1914.

Trent Bridge is still a famous cricket ground and is the home of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

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