Poole - Poole Stadium
Stadium Way : BH15 2BP
Poole Stadium was built by the Borough of Poole in the early 1930's in an attempt to provide a source of entertainment to the residents of Poole during the Great Depression. The stadium had a tarmac track and a football pitch. In 1934 cycle racing in Poole commenced at The Stadium, which involved moving bicycle track racing from Poole Park.

Poole Wheelers Cycling and Athletics Club held a meeting at The Stadium on 29th August 1934 with a crowd of "several thousand". The star of the meeting was home rider Bill Harvell, the Olympic bronze medallist, who won two of the three main events.

When the Second World War started, the Fire Service took over The Stadium as their base. After the war, cycle racing in Poole moved back to Poole Park.

At the start of 1948 the tarmac cycle track was dug up and replaced by a speedway track.

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