Southampton - Calshot Velodrome
Calshot Spit - Fawley : SO45 1BR
Southampton - Calshot Velodrome : Image credit W.George Bolton Southampton - Calshot Velodrome : Image credit Wiki Commons The original wooden track at Calshot was installed around 1970 and was a 160 metre plywood track that was made from the 1967 Earls Court 6 day track, which had been shortened to fit in the available space. Ron Webb was the track designer. The track was housed in the old Sunderland hanger at Calshot that was previously used for RAF seaplanes and the Sunderland was a WWII flying boat patrol bomber.

George Bolton of the Bournemouth Arrow CC provided the photograph of the original track (right), he commented "I took it soon after the track opened in 1970, we had to use the Geoff Butler bikes that were at the track, Our coaches were Ron Webb and John Pratt."

In the 1970's, Ron Webb, the track's designer was the manager of the track and running training sessions. Ron was a world class track cyclist in his own right. There were training and racing weekends at the track and winter training on the track was available with coaching by Bill James.

The old Earls Court track was replaced in 1996 by a wooden track which is 142.85m in length with 45 degree bankings. The area around the track was developed into Calshot Activities Centre in the village of Calshot.

The great strength of Calshot over the years has been its role as a training facility.

Calshot is run by Hampshire County Council as part of the Activity Centre. Calshot hosts the Calshot Winter Track League from October to February and runs taster and other sessions.

The video show track cycling at Calshot.

Southampton - Calshot Velodrome : Image credit W.George Bolton
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Photos : W.George Bolton, Wiki Commons