South Shields - Westoe Cricket Field

Wood Terrace : NE33 4UY South Shields - Westoe Cricket Field : Image credit South Tyneside Council South Shields - Westoe Cricket Field : Image credit South Tyneside Council
South Shields Cricket Club moved to the Wood Terrace ground on Dean Road, Westoe in 1868. They were joined on the ground by rugby, tennis and squash clubs. The village of Westoe is now a suburb of South Shields.

Cycling magazine in their September 1879 issue reported "The second annual race meeting was arranged to be held in the Westoe Cricket Field on Saturday, Aug. 16, but owing to the dreadful state of the weather only part of the programme was run off, viz.:- Two miles open handicap: T. E. Jobling, Northumberland A.B.C. (35 yards). One mile club handicap: John Craig, jun, (290 yards). Half-mile junior handicap, for youths under 16 years of age: John Craig, jun. (scratch). The course being by this time completely soaked, and the rain descending in anything but refreshing showers, it was decided to finish the programme on Wednesday evening the 20th inst., the following being the results :-Two miles club handicap :-J. W. Henderson (100 yards). One mile race, competitors to mount and dismount in each lap opposite the winning post: TH Scott."

"Waller, the six days champion of the world, also gave a five miles exhibition race, which was thoroughly appreciated by the audience; his magnificent championship belt being also on view. The weather this evening was very fine, and compensated the club for the loss sustained by Saturday's miserable downpour, the field having rarely been so well patronised by visitors."

Bicycle race results were published from 1900 in The Wheel World. The South Shields Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club held sports meetings at Westoe cricket field from around 1900, which included bicycle races. At the 23rd June 1900 track meeting there were 250 competitors for the running and bicycle races, the events were ½, 1 and 2 miles handicap races.

Westoe cricket field was a popular venue, Shields Harriers and Athletic Club organised cycling and athletics events there. The Ingham Infirmary Sports meetings were also held there, starting in 1917 and quickly gained importance. At the 1925 Ingham Infirmary Sports meeting, reported by the Shield Daily News on July 9th 1925, the one mile scratch race was won by Albert White from Jack Sibbitt but extraordinarily, the crowd rushed onto the track at the finish and White was knocked unconscious and rushed to hospital suffering from concussion.

Track meetings at Westoe and cycling at the Ingham Infirmary Sports continued into the 1950's but these stopped with the opening of the track at Gypsies Green.

Westoe RFC still play on Dean Road.

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