Stockton on Tees - Eston Ground (Ironoplois Cricket Club)
John Boyle Road : TS6 6TZ
The Daily Gazette of February 3rd 1881 reports on a three mile bicycle race for three guineas between W Mott of Stockton and W Marshall of Middlesbrough that took place at the Stockton Skating Rink. Interestingly the men seemed to have ridden individually like a time trial.

The Whit Monday annual gala and meet of Mr John Alderson's Adult Sunday Schools was held on the Stockton Cricket and Recreation grounds. Included in the 19 events were two bicycle races; a one mile men's handicap race and a one mile handicap race for youths under 16 There was a fireworks display after the sports.

The Stockton Cycling Club held its second amateur race meeting on July 2nd 1892 at the Victoria Grounds on a 5 laps to the mile grass track. The Stockton Old Castle CC and Stockton Football Club also organised a sports meeting at the Victoria Grounds in 1892.

And 1893 and 1894

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