Barrow - Cavendish Park
Buccleugh Dock Road : LA14 2SB
Cavendish Park was used for bicycle races from 1881 when the Barrow Athletics and Bicycle Club held their first athletics festival. From the 1880's there was a very popular Band Contest with sports that featured bicycle racing. This event in 1897 included the NCU (North Lancashire) 1 mile championship as well as a ½ mile scratch race, ½ 1 and 2 miles handicap races and a 1 mile novices race.

A new concrete track was built and Sporting Life of 27th May 1899 describes this. "A new cement track opened with the annual sports on 27th May 1899, it is four laps to the mile and banked 8 feet."

In 1908, Cavendish Park was a sports centre with facilities for cricket, rugby, a cinder athletics track and the banked cycle racing track. From old maps, the cycle track does not seem to have lasted into the 1930's. The park facilities still exist and are known as Barrow Island community sports hub.

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