Oldham - Cricket ground
Clarkesfield : OL4 1NA
The first bicycle racing in Oldham was at the Clarksfield Athletic Festival which was held during the Oldham Wakes Week on 27th and 28th August 1877 at the Clarksfield Showground. The festival included bicycle races, brass bands and a balloon ascent.

Oldham cricket club established their Clarksfield ground from the mid 1800's. The Oldham Cricket and Bowling Club held their second annual sports on May 12th 1888 on the Clarksfield cricket ground and 1 and 2 miles bicycle handicap races were included. The sports event was repeated in 1889.

Oldham Rugby Club played at Clarksfield from 1878 until they moved in 1889 to the Watersheddings stadium. The Oldham Cricket Club also moved to a new ground at Watersheddings around the same time.

By 1910 the cricket ground had been developed for terraced housing around where Eric Street is now situated.

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