Bedford - Kimbolton Road
Goldington Road : MK40 3NF
Bedford - Kimbolton Road : Map credit historic maps The Kimbolton Road cycle track was used for championship cycle meetings from the 1890's. The track was 449 yards, just over ¼ mile. In September 1899, Bedford Cycling Club held 25 mile scratch and 25 mile sealed handicap races.

The following year, on September 15th 1900, there was a big crowd for the NCU 25 miles Northampton District Championship, the first prize was a gold medal. There was tremendous excitement about the free raffle for all ticket holders, the prize being a 10 guinea Rudge-Whitworth bicycle.

In 1902 the same event was run and included a 5 miles scratch race for the 250 guineas Bedford Grand Challenge Shield, with a first prize of a gold watch. In the final of this race "Bailey hesitated when taking the last corner, with the result that he and Cole collided, and their pedals got fixed. Both were brought down, and badly knocked about, while Sanders ran into the spectators, to avoid the debris, but Lack also came to grief. Cole was bruised all over the body, while his hands and face were severely cut. Bailey apparently pitched on to his head and sustained a nasty scalp wound. He was under the care of Dr. Clark for some time." This accident delayed the meeting and the 25 miles championship was concluded in the dark.

For many decades after the 1920's the track is marked on maps as ‘allotment gardens' and in the 1970's housing named Amberley Gardens was built on the site,

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