Aberdeen - Bon Accord Recreation Hall
Market Street : AB11 5PY
The Bon-Accord Recreation Hall was built in 1885 and track was amazingly well described in the Aberdeen Daily Free Press newspaper of July 17th 1885.

"The hall is constructed of wood, with a corrugated iron roof and outwardly is as attractive as in the interior it is admirably fitted up and commodious. The architect was Mr GJ Mackenzie, Aberdeen, who has certainly made the most of the three thousand square yards that the building covers. The roof is a three spanned one, and at the apex of each span there is a row of windows that will admit abundance of light during the day, while in the evening the numerous globular gas lamps that have been erected should illuminate the whole place as effectively as could be desired. The track on which the bicycle riding will be done is, of course, an all important part of the establishment, and to make it in every way satisfactory all that could be done has been done. It is laid in two longitudinal and two circular sections, with inch and a quarter pitch pine, tongued and grooved, and is of such a length that it will take nine laps to the mile. The longitudinal sections are twelve feet in breadth, while at the corners competitors will have a breadth of fourteen feet to run upon. It was essential that the circular ends of the track should slope upwards so as to obviate the necessity of bicyclists having to slacked speed while turning. The wood has therefore at the ends been laid to slope at and angle of from one to four inches, but the two straights are of course quite level. The track has been railed off inside and outside, for spectators to be accommodated within as well as without the ring. To allow for spectators getting inside the ring, a subway was been made under the track at the near end, so that there would be no such inconvenience as would be caused by visitors having to cross the track. The space inside the track is also to be utilised for athletic and other sports, for which it will be commodious and highly suitable. It is computed that the building will accommodate nearly four thousand spectators, and the promoters of the venture have kept steadily in view the desirability of giving every comfort to patrons of the house. Seats are fitted up round the outside of the track, and at the further end two grand stands will be erected...the hall, which in the interior measures three hundred feet in length by ninety in breadth."

At the opening meeting of the track on Saturday 18th July 1885 the first event was a 20 miles professional race followed by a 20 miles amateur race. In the evening there was an eight hour race open to amateurs and professionals. Included in the program was a 5 miles roller skating race and running races. There were numerous racing events in the late 1880's. A 15 hour race in was held in 1885, an eight hour professional race in December 1886, and 6 day races were held from 1886 to 1888.

There seem to be no race results or reference to the Bon-Accord Recreation Hall after 1888.

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