Aberdeen - Victoria Bridge Grounds - Torry
Sinclair Road : AB11 9BG
The Victoria Bridge Grounds were very popular as a bicycle race venue from the mid 1880's to around 1900. The grounds had a football and cricket pitch which was surrounded by a cycling and running track. The Victoria Bridge Grounds was the home of the Victoria football club.

In 1885 the University held a sports day there which included a 20 mile open bicycle race.

In 1894 the 50 miles North of Scotland paced track record was broken by AM Mortimer in 2hrs 50m 50s riding a Rudge path racer with the new Dunlop tyres. In the same year, there was an attempt at the UK paced one hour record which attracted a crowd of over 2,000. Cycling was obviously popular as the Aberdeen Weekly Journal had a large ‘Cycling Gossip' column in the 1890's.

Around 1895 the British Ladies Football Club played matches on the ground during their UK tours. It is odd because, also in 1895, the owners of the track refused to include a ladies cycle race in the annual sports.

Throughout the 1890's the police held their sports day on the Victoria Bridge Grounds with a variety of events including bicycle races, with some events for ‘police officers in uniform'. Attendance at these meetings was good, sometimes attracting 10,000 spectators and the events were usually quite profitable.

By the 1920's the ground had been redeveloped as industrial granite works.

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